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Amazon Fire Phone Review

Updated on August 7, 2014

What to Expect From the Amazon Fire Phone

The new Amazon Fire Phone is a new phone released by Amazon exclusively for AT&T networks. It’s a smartphone with a lot of features, some unique and others commonplace in today’s advanced marketplace. The Amazon Fire Phone does everything possible to separate itself from other smartphones on the market and it more than succeeds at this task.

The differences between the average smartphone and the Amazon Fire Phone begins with design, continues with software, and finishes with overall customer experience.

Dynamic Perspective.

The most noticeable differences, and possibly most innovative features, of the Amazon Fire Phone is the introduction of dynamic perspective. Dynamic perspective allows the phone and the user to interact into entirely new ways. Sensors and cameras detect a variety of unique movements not possible with any other smart phone.

Sensors and cameras are located in all four corners of the Amazon Fire Phone. These sensors can detect swivels, tilts, and peeks. New motions allow the user to navigate menus, options, and interact with applications more easily and efficiently. New games released for the Amazon Fire Phone take advantage of the Dynamic Perspective to emulate a 3D experience.


The Mayday features takes customer experience to the next level. The Mayday features lets users contact customer service professionals 24/7 for immediate support. Mayday professionals can walk the user through all of the different functions. They can also run applications and draw on the screen to help users. The user will be able to see the Mayday professionals, but they cannot see the customer.

Help via the Mayday feature doesn’t require any appointment or long waiting time. Customers are guaranteed instant help in 15 seconds or less. No other customer support can rival these times and the degree of help that can be offered via the Mayday feature.

Amazon Prime.

The Amazon Fire Phone comes prepared with a full year of Amazon Prime for free. This is incredible for those who don’t have an Amazon Prime account and for those who already do. Existing Amazon Prime customers will receive an additional year on their existing subscription, thus everyone wins.

For those who don’t know, Amazon Prime comes packed with great deals on Amazon. It allows for a variety of new shipping options, such as free next-day shipping, and other special savings only available to Prime members.

Amazon Prime membership also allows subscribers to access a massive and growing library of Kindle e-books, music, television shows, and movies. Amazon already has many existing deals with artists, producers, and developers, but the best thing about their library is that it’s always growing.

As for the Kindle e-books, those are “loaned” similar to a traditional library, but only online. Customers can borrow Kindle e-books, read them, and then return them to borrow more. It’s great for those who want to get some reading done without buying every e-book that they read.

A Great Phone.

Overall, the Amazon Fire Phone is a great phone that is setting a great example for phones to come in the future. 


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