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Android Accessories

Updated on September 18, 2010

The coolest sound bite on TV and radio is the "DROID" tag line that follows advertisements for Motorola's fantastic line of wireless phones. Actually, referring to these devices as 'phones' is almost silly: they do so much more than place and receive voice calls. We present a compendium of highly useful Droid gadgets to enhance your Droid experience.

The Coolest Android Phone Accessories

Motorola DROID Multimedia Docking Station

This docking station arranges your Droid phone at a convenient angle for video viewing. Use an alarm clock app along with this accessory to wake yourself every morning. A USB connector allows syncing and charging while docked. Works with Droid phones from any carrier, including Verizon and AT&T.

Motorola Droid Window Mount

Mount your Droid phone to a window or any other smooth surface. Use in conjunction with a GPS app to get real-time travel instructions. Suction cup technology attaches to a car windshield or a bathroom mirror. The device is infinitely adjustable for any viewing angle. A car charger is included. A bathroom charger is not included.

Seidio Innocase Surface Case for Motorola Droid

The Seidio Innocase protects your Droid phone from scratches and bumps. It's a wispy 1 mm (millimeter) thick, but made from rugged polycarbonate plastic. All connectors, switches, microphones, cameras, and screens are easily accessible through precise cutouts. The keyboard slides out easily. Seodio is the leading manufacturer of premium Smartphone and iPhone accessories.

FM Transmitter and Charger for ANDROID Phones

This amazing device transmits the audio from your Droid to the FM receiver in your vehicle. You and your passengers can all enjoy the plethora of music stored on your digital device. Take advantage of everything your smartphone has to offer and share the joy with everyone in the car. A handy car charger is included; simply plug it into the auxiliary power power port (sometimes referred to as a cigarette lighter).

A three year warranty is included at no additional charge.

Cell Phone Flashlight for Droid

Sure, your Droid can do amazing things, like take photos, access the Internet, and make telephone calls, but can it light up a room? With the Cell Phone Flashlight it can. Simply peel off the protective strip and apply the flashlight to the back of the device (do not apply to screen). On/Off button is included. Droid not included.

Otterbox Commuter Case for the Motorola Droid

The Otterbox Commuter Case offers three independent layers of smartphone protection:

  • Self-sticking clear protective film for the screen,
  • Durable silicone cushioning mid-layer, and
  • 1-piece custom molded non-slip polycarbonate shell for the entire device.

All phone features and gadgets are fully accessible even when the device is safely ensconced in the case.

Party down with Droid Accessories
Party down with Droid Accessories

Star Wars Attack of the Clones Super Battle Droid Builder

Construct your own droid with this do-it-yourself molding kit. Use the quick-steel compound and exoskeleton (included!) to fashion your customized battle-ready robot.

Note: It probably won't make telephone calls or access the Internet unless you're a really good engineer.


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    • Healing Touch profile image

      Laura Arne 7 years ago from Minnetonka, MN

      Great info. Someday perhaps I could afford to buy a droid. My son will love this hub. Thanks

      Healing touch