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Android Apps for Autism

Updated on August 1, 2013

Android Apps for autism


Which Are the Helpful Android Apps for Autism?

The android platform has been simply awesome and this can be manifested by the android apps for autism. The android apps for autism carry many benefits and make a difference for people with the autism spectrum disorder. The android apps for autism add to the user experience on android for this special group and they are also important tools. They aid in learning and with the interaction with other people and the immediate environment. Such is how mobile technology has revolutionized life and how we undertake life irrespective of ability or inability.

The android apps for autism work very well both for the people with autism and also those with communication problems. This article intends to highlight some of the most useful and most popular android apps for autism. There has been a proliferation of materials which tackle and talk about autism. This can be in the form of written material like eBooks, guides, audio and visual material and many other forms and avenues used to provide information and impact people with autism and their caregivers. The greatest intention, for all these materials as well as android apps for autism, is to allow people with the autism spectrum disorder lead an independent and productive life.

Amazing Android Apps for Autism

There are now quite a number of android apps for autism and which can be used to achieve various milestones. Some of the android apps for autism are functional tools while other are games. The games can be for pure entertainment while others have been designed to impact a lesson or a skill especially for the young children with autism. The android apps for autism can be found from various app markets ranging from free to those which cost a few dollars. The best place to find useful but free android apps for autism is on Google Play. Here on Google play are android apps for autism which impart communication skills, social skills and other for entertainment value.


AAC Speech Buddy

This is among android apps for autism designed to be user friendly and it can be categorized as an augmentative and an alternate communication app. The app has immense benefits owing to the fact that lessons can be learned both a home and in class. Skills such as speech and cognitive skills can be acquired following the ability to create and personalized speech sets. The speech sets can be shared with other people on their desktops as well. The app also has an extensive database of pictures and images which are all free. The app falls among the paid android apps for autism.


This is a fun and an interactive android app and is definitely one of the android apps for autism designed to improve or build the emotional quotient of the autistic child. The apps works to help the child with autism identify, recognize and understand facial expressions, the emotions of other people and behave or respond to these emotions. It is a tool to understand self and others.

Other Android Apps For Autism

There are other android apps for autism and are used for educational purposes, learning foreign languages, schedulers, social among other skills. A list of other useful and awesome android apps for autism either offered free or premium apps are:

Kids Shapes

Life Skills Winner Pro

Kids Reading through


Kids Preschool Puzzle Lite

The few listed android apps for autism are just but a tip of the iceberg. The intention is to arouse the curiosity to go straight ahead and find the most appropriate android apps for autism that will be beneficial for the child with autism. Google Play is a reservoir of some very useful android apps including the android apps for autism. It is without doubt that majority of android apps for autism is aimed for the young autistic children.


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    MarkNunez 4 years ago

    Thank you for this list of autism apps. Great resource! One more I would add is AAC Autism myvoice. It's for android also and is a great AAC app based on categories of pictures. It will speak what is tapped. $2.99. I would recommend this and not just for people with autism, it could be for anyone that is non verbal.

    Link on Google Play:

    Link on Amazon: