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Android Apps for Organization

Updated on August 28, 2012

What are the Best Android Apps for Organization?

This is a very common question among smartphone users, mainly because that is what technology is suppose to do: help us stay organized. However, it is often difficult to find a good organization system. Some systems look great to the user. The buttons are inviting, the set up appeals to our visual needs, and everything seems in order as an organization app should. But then it breaks down and your information is floating around, or certain "to-do" items fall of the list, or even worse entire documents are gone.

Other apps for getting organized will never let you down and hold all your information safely and securely. As is, there are those that may have your information safe and sound but getting to it is a real drag. The user interface is boring and uninviting and there is no motivation to look at your check list or upcoming projects because it has the app has the appeal of a file cabinet.

But do not fret one bit as there are a few very dedicated companies, developers, and artists that have created very good applications that can suit almost anybody's style from the businessman to the musician and everyone looking to file away their "stuff" to a magical location.

I decided to keep these suggestions to a minimum based on my own experience of trying many other apps and only finding myself less organized and more focused on the app. These are the best apps I have used to stay organized.

Organization Apps for Note Taking - Full Function, Many Features

The real beauty of organization is that it is now almost exclusively cloud based and therefore you can have laptop programs or full web page versions of an organization software right on your smartphone itself. What this is means is that you can type up notes on your computer and access them from your phone at any time. The best programs and apps marriage this concept especially those dealing with a more comprehensive note taking experience. These I would call the heavy hitters in the organization world but they do not own the exclusive rights. But I have used these and several, several more apps that deal with tidying up your life. I have a long history of trying the newest software to tighten the ship and these I have found the most useful.

Your Everyday Organizers - and notetakers

More geared toward those not in school or taking classes, or who do not take incredibly comprehensive notes but instead want to organize their daily information more efficiently, while still having easy access and user friendly ways to get at the information. What I am talking about here is organizing your own personal notes, links to websites, pictures, directions, restaurants, etc into one easy to use and easy to look at program.

I kept this page pretty short and with only a few recommendations because I have tried many more apps but found these to be my favorite. I also noticed the more I got caught up in what organization app to use the less I actually organized or got done! But maybe I missed a good one that should be spotlighted, I will check it out, just leave the suggestions below. Check out Modern Brain Exercises and Modern Chakra Meditation

Please share your own app suggestions - What keeps you organized?

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