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Android browsers for low bandwidth networks

Updated on August 5, 2014

Best browsers for low bandwidth networks for android.

UC browser

UC browser is one of the most downloaded browser on google play store. It has a beautiful and stable UI. Also its webpage optimization is best among other browsers , every time you open a web page its look like you open an app for that website. It has a speed mode option which fetch pages in a fast and suitable version of the web page based on user's network. It has an ad block add-on which blocks irritable ads. Another plus point of UC browser is that it supports background downloading which means that downloading continues even if you exit the app. It also has a FB Faster add-on which loads facebook page faster than any other browsers. It consumes less data usage.

UC mini
UC mini is the light weight version of UC browserIt has a smaller size of approximately 1-2 mb.
It also support background and cloud downloading. Like UC browser , it also supports speed mode which accelerates web page loading. It optimize webpage for mobile screen. It also consumes less data usage. It is a good alternative for UC browser for old devices.

Opera mini
Nearly everyone knows this browser. The best feature of this browser is its rendering speed. It opens an interactive and heavy web page in a very less time. It uses cloud servers to compress data and provides a high speed experience. Its main drawback is its interrupting downloading. It is not very suitable for downloading purposes.

One browser
One browser is a product of a chinese company named Tencent which built Wechat , a popular social networking app. It uses rendering engine which accelerates the browsing speed by 47%. It also saves traffic by picture compression and website optimization with 85% traffic saving , especially in 2g network. It also supports background downloading even while answering phone calls. It supports full HTML5.

Puffin browser
This browser is the fastest browser in the world. It renders a webpage in a blink. It can play flash videos and games easily without using any other plugin. It has the fastest javascript engine. The only drawback of this browser is that it is very unstable and lag during its usage. It also takes time in connecting to network.

Baidu browser
It is a multi featured browser. It has an attractive UI. It has a mega-fast downloading speed. It uses T5 engine for speed up loading & opening page. It also has a Floating playback mode which let users to watch videos while browsing web or other apps.

Now browser pro
It is based off the android webkit engine. It is a browser with a small size but has a great potential. It has a Web file compressor which compresses web file to save your 3G traffic limit. Its rendering engine uses javascript superfast mode which browse the web 3 times faster.


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