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Android Jelly Bean Phones

Updated on January 11, 2013

Android Jelly Bean


Looking For Android Jelly Bean Phones?

The android jelly bean phones are eventually in the market and provide for a complete user experience. The android jelly bean phones will carry the jelly bean which is android version 4.1 of the mobile operating system. The android jelly bean is an improved version of the android 4.0 called ice cream sandwich and which came right on the heels of the roll out of the android ice cream sandwich.

The android jelly bean phones extend to their owners the incremental upgrade done on the operating system and which permits that smooth operation is a reality. The android jelly bean phones owing their awesome operation and feature to jelly bean will be a huge delight to the mobile world. The impressions made from those who have had a chance to road test their new android jelly bean phones are that the experience is fun and smooth.

HTC has rolled out jelly bean updates
HTC has rolled out jelly bean updates | Source

HTC, Samsung Are Already Android Jelly Bean Phones

A big number of smartphone and tablet manufacturers have all their exciting gadgets rolled out carrying the jelly bean. Perhaps the most awaited were the android jelly bean phones. The manufacturers have had different roll out dates but overall, the mobile users can have an unrivaled experience on their phones. The HTC One S, One X and One X+ are the android jelly bean phones from the brand. The Sony smartphones will be soon getting the android jelly bean on their different smartphone models. The Xperia T, Xperia TX and the Xperia V should be android jelly bean phones this year when they all receive the updates.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII, the Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 2, the SII LTE, the S Advance and the S Beam have all android jelly bean phones having received their update and in the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 having been launched with jelly bean as the operating system.

Motorola Xoom and Razr range are also other smartphones which should be android jelly bean phones offered to the market and updates for the owners of phones from the past year.

The LG smartphones have the android jelly bean as well. LG promises that this will finally be the year when all the brands will become android jelly.

The tablets have not been left behind and are also following the android jelly bean phones bandwagon. They also have received updates to the operating system such that they provide for smooth operation and the unique experience associated with jelly bean. The Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Grand are examples of the tablets have already received the jelly bean.


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