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Android or iOS - What's the difference?

Updated on September 3, 2016

Android developed by Google and iOS a product of Apple are the most popular operating systems used in tablets and phones. Both of these leading, reputable companies have the highest market share and aim to provide the best services worldwide.

According to numerous debates and posts, it looks like that Google currently has a greater edge over its rival. Android is used in almost each and every mobile technology currently available in the market. Android is not limited to Google’s own mobile devices just like in the case of Apple’s iOS and majority of the apps offered on Google Play Store are for free, one of the main reasons why it has a larger and dedicate target audience. However, despite having a low market share, iOS still ranks top due to its quality services, something, which Android has still not been able to defeat or maybe just not paying enough attention towards it.

First, lets understand and compare the major difference between iOS and Android and later, compare which company is able to top the other in various services provided related to performance and user experience.

Open Source
On mostly all platforms
Only on Apple products
Google Maps
Apple Maps
Google Hangouts
App Store
Google Play
Apple App Store

The major difference between iOS and Android has been mentioned in the comparison chart above. There are other points as well but I will not be going into great lengths explaining those. Now, it is time to differentiate the performance and user experience of both of these.


The interfaces of both of these are almost the same and apart from some things which you can read below.


- Touch Interface: Swiping, tapping, pinch and zoom
- Home Screen: Use of widgets that display auto-update information e.g. weather
- Status Bar: Shows new notification, cell and wifi signal, battery life


- Swiping, tapping, pinch and zoom
- Rows of app icons
- Shows new notification, cell and wifi signal, battery life


iOS has an easy learning curve making it more user friendly. You don’t need time to learn new stuff, you just do it!

This is not the case with Android and you need to be patient when it comes to the learning process.

Again, iOS has topped Android in another point.


Regular updates regarding new features, app updates and software updates maybe found on Android, however, some phone manufactures decide whether or not to offer software updates, which means Android users usually do not have access to the latest software and updates and may need to find an alternative way to download upgrades.

iOS users have regular access to updates on any version, giving users authority to update whatever software they want.

Another point in which iOS has an advantage.

Speed and Stability

Apple fans can confidently say that iOS is much more smoother and faster which makes it reliable and less frustrating to use. The awesome, well designed user interface results in users rarely experiencing any kind of lag.

Android has not been able to eliminate this problem, even if it is the latest phone equipped with the latest OS, random lags will still be experienced which leads to a lot of frustration among tech savvy users.

Clearly, iOS is the king when it comes to speed and stability and instills loyalty in its users. Many iOS users that shift towards Android say, that it is surprisingly difficult to adjust and use their devices without experiencing frustration every now and then.

So, from the points above, it looks like that iOS is the best in the market but doesn’t it make you wonder why it has a low market share, despite being ahead of everything. Well the answer is quite simple.

1.) Limited availability
2.) Apps on the store are usually not for free
3.) Expensive

iOS is only available on Apples products , whereas Android can be found on almost every cell phone world wide and due to the huge differences in prices, people usually end of purchasing cell phones of other manufactures simply because they Apple’s price range is a bit high making it unaffordable for the majority. Android apps are usually for free, it may lack in quality when compared to apps on iOS but they are mostly free. A smart choice for those who want to buy tablets are smart phones for playing games.


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