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How To Fix Android Application That Has Crashed

Updated on March 10, 2018

Have you ever come across a pop message starting with 'unfortunately' followed by the application question which has been forced to stopped or has stopped suddenly? For instance, you press on the google play store. Instead of the application opening you receive an irritating pop up message, 'Unfortunately Google Play Services has unexpectedly stopped?'

Such pop up messages indicate an application has suddenly stopped because of a variety of reasons. What's so annoying is whereby you launch a game application but receive a pop up message indicating 'Unfortunately the calendar has unexpectedly stopped.' In essence, you might end up receiving frequent crashes on either a single app or a number of them until you feel throwing your phone at the wall.

Well, there are a variety of fixes you can do manually without heading to a technician. Sometimes, the technicians resort to these methods. The following solutions might work or not. They make for a short time before you feel you'd love to hit your smartphone against the wall.

You are not the only one facing the headache as manufacturers of the different types of smartphones, the software technicians and the Google technical team are working hard to solve these 'headaches' - at least.

Many causes have been outlined. Moreover, the most important factor to consider is: “This usually occurs when your Android phone or tablet fails to connect with the Google servers and your account is not being able to sync back, even though the Internet is working perfectly fine with the other apps on your phone.”

Solutions to the Frequent Application(s) Crashing

The following are various solutions you can try to solve your smartphone's applications continually crashing.

Soln. 1: Restart (Reboot)

Press the On/Off Power button to switch off the phone. Wait for about five minutes then switch on the phone. Repeat this step three times. If this step has not solved the problem, go to the next solution.

Soln. 2: Uninstalling Google Play Store

Since Google Play Store receives frequent updates in the background, it’s possible for an update maybe a bad one that has lead to the popping up of this error message. This may in turn lead to other Google services to be affected as well.

This error message may also occur after flashing the phone’s ROM or updating your phone’s ‘Android Operating System.’

  • Go to Settings>Applications>All Applications
  • Scroll down to Google Play Store
  • Open the application and tap on ‘Uninstall Updates’

If the first step does not work, go to:

  • Settings>Applications>All Applications
  • Scroll down to Google Play Store
  • Open the application then tap on ‘Clear data’ followed by “Clear cache’


Soln. 3: Google Service Framework

The Google Service Framework is responsible for storing data. In addition, it is responsible in syncing your phone to the Google serves. It might be possible that one reason why you receive this pop up error message is because your phone is unable to connect with Google servers.

  • Go to Settings>Applications>All Applications
  • Scroll down to Google Service Framework
  • Open the application and tap on ‘Force Stop’ button
  • Afterward, tap on ‘Clear cache’ button

How To Fix "Unfortunately the process has stopped" Error On Android ?

Soln. 4: Clear Cache and Data on Affected Apps

If the problem still persists try to clear data and cache on the affected applications including Google Play Services.

  • Go to Settings>Applications>All Applications
  • Scroll down to Google Play Services
  • Open the application and tap on ‘Force stop’ button
  • Afterwards, tap on ‘clear cache’ and ‘clear data’
  • Also tap on the ‘uninstall updates’

Repeat this process with the applications that are crashing. Afterwards, press and hold on the power button until a scree appears with the options to power off or restart (reboot) appears. Press on any. If you choose switch off remember to press and hold on the power button to power it on. Then, try opening the affected applications and see whether they are loading and/or working properly. If the Google Play Store is not functioning properly, download and install the app from web sources (search the word ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘download or install ‘Google Play Store’) because when you try to launch the app it may stubbornly 'refuse' to open.

If the nuisance still continues,

Soln. 5: Reset the phone

This is the last resort if the above solutions have humbly appeared quite useless.

There are two ways to do this:


  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Privacy
  • Open it then scroll down to Factory Data Reset


  • Turn off your phone
  • Long press the On/Off Power button with one finger, and at the same time press the volume with another finger and home button (at the bottom) with another finger until the phone vibrates.
  • Release only the On/Off Power button until you see the logo of android. Afterwards you will see a menu.
  • Use the volume button to move upwards or downwards, and On/Off Power button to select.
  • Use the volume button to move to ‘Wipe the Data/Factory Reset’ then use the On/off Power button to select.

Remember to back up your messages and contacts before carrying out this last step as you will lose all the data in your phone (except those in memory card –external storage).

How to fix All Error of Unfortunately the Process has Stopped in Android Phone & Tablet


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