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Android Watch Phone

Updated on January 10, 2013

What Is An Android Watch Phone?

An Android Watch Phone is not just for geeks. Smart phone technology on your wrist no longer seems like science fiction. In this ever connected world the idea of being able to check your Facebook, Twitter, message status updates just by glancing at your watch does not seem such a bad idea.

I am always checking my Android phone for messages, emails and Facebook etc, in fact, I would not mind betting that I look at check my Android phone more times than I check my watch. But having to get it out of my pocket every time I here a notification sound can be a bit of a faff!

This is where an Android Watch phone comes into its own. There are a number of nascent models, but I can guarantee you will start to see more and more brands introduction phones that connect with your smartphones, be it Android or iPhones.

Basically, An Android watch usually runs the Android operating system, and connects with your main Android device (be it a phone or tablet) and provides basic functionality to check status and messages etc.

Don't get me wrong, relative to a "normal" watch - current models of Android watches do feel a little oversized. However, I have seen a steady increase in watch size generally - so they do not seem that out of place. The design of early versions make them uber cool and very desirable. A geek's dream!

Android watch apps
Android watch apps

What Can An Android Watch Do?

The basic screen size of an Android watch will obviously limit what you can do. Watching YouTube or playing Angry Birds may not make sense, but the real purpose of an Android watch is to have the basic functionality of an Android phone at your fingertips (or should that be "Wrist"). It uses a customised version of the standard Android operating system. Many Android watch developers think that more and more Android apps specifically aimed at the watches small screen size will be developed, as the idea of wearing an Android watch on your wrist becomes more common.

Current functionality on Android watches at the moment include the ability to make calls, email, Facebook, Twitter, get weather updates, show photos, control music - and, I guess, tell the time! Ultimately the thing with the Android operating system is you can customise the functions that you want on your watch - so it becomes a smart watch tailored for your needs.


i'mWatch - Android Watch

One of the main pioneers of Android watches is from i'mWatch. What is cool about this particular Android watch, is that not only does it consider itself the first REAL Android watch, what sets this a part is the sleek, cool design - that has the hallmarks of classic Italian design that we have come to expect. This is NOT just a functional geek's smartphone watch, the slightly curved, smooth design and look makes it a very trendy watch to own.

You can still touch, pinch, drag, swipe like you do on your Android phone, and this is what really sets it a part from all other previous claims to the Android watch mantel. i'mWatch is a genuine attempt to capture the essence and use your Android smartphone, but on your wrist.

The "watch" connects via Bluetooth to your main Android smartphone, and through that connectivity you can access the following functions:

You can make calls from your wrist - but might look like Dick Tracy

Send and Recieve text messages, emails

Get all your notifications

Play music

Check calendar and agenda

Get weather forecasts updates

View pictures from your gallery

....and they claim "any other app you desire"

The i'mWatch comes in a range of funky colours, and a tough aluminium casing. Due to the personalisation of the main, high def screen on your watch - you can even tailor the look of the "watch face" to suit your needs and style.

Currently prices are around £300 (or $500) - direct from the i'mWatch Online Store but the plan is to have stores pop up around the world,

The i'mWatch Collection

i'mWatch Collection
i'mWatch Collection

i'mWatch - The First Real Android Watch

Pebble Android Watch Collection
Pebble Android Watch Collection

Pebble Android Watch

Pebble E-Paper Watch for Android

The Pebble Android watch concept raised money (over $10M) on the Kickstarter scheme. Like the I'mWatch the Pebble Android Watch (there is an iphone version) connects to your main smartphone device via Bluetooth.

Priced lower that the I'mWatch, Pebble watches are smaller, and utilise an e-paper approach, rather than the hi-def screen. The Pebble watch range starts at $150, and come in five colours, Jest Black, Artic white, Cherry Red, Orange and Grey.

Again the design looks great, and its smaller size means it doesn't look too large on the average wrist. It is customisable, which basically means you get the watch face of your choice. Set up a range of updates and notifications you want to receive on your Android phone, using a range of different apps. Or even have a conventional analogue watch face (in animated form)!

Customisation for notification with vibrations include:

Receive Text messgaes (Android version only!)

Incoming Caller ID

Email (Gmail or any IMAP email account)

Calendar Alerts

Facebook Messages


Weather Alerts

Silent vibrating alarm and timer

Pebble Watches LAUNCHED

Pebble Watch is NOW Available

Pebble watches have now (as of 9th Jan 2013) started sending out their fantastic watches, the the first backers of the KickStarter fund they use to raise money for the project.

You can pre-order your Pebble watch now - and at the prices they are available, they are incredibly stylish.

Pebble watches link with your Android or iPhone smart phone - and can intergrate with the IFTTT site (If That Then That)( ) so you can set up notifications and special actions.

The great think about an Android Phone Watch is that it will be great for:



Controlling Music

Golf Range Finder

Customise with different faces.

I think they are brilliant - and can't wait to get mine.

Pebble Android Watch - The Original Pebble Watch Concept

Android Watch videos

Fancy An Android Watch - Let Me Know If You Think An Android Watch Is A Good Idea

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