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Android Apps on PC!

Updated on August 16, 2016


For everything, there are things you need first and the same is here .
1. 4 GB Ram ( I will upload about doing it on a lesser ram later on, u gotta wait for it)
2. Operating Systems: Windows Vista , Windows X P , Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
3. Hard Work and Patience

Introducing Blue Stacks.

What is Blue stacks?
Blue Stacks 2 allows you to Install and use multiple Android app at one time right on your computer or laptop. To download Whats App on PC, you will first need to download the free Blue stacks player Simply click on the link and begin your download and installation automatically.

BlueStacks Installation Wizard.

Downloading Blue stacks.

1. Download Blue stacks from its official website.
2. Wait for the file to be downloaded.
3. Open the installation File.
4. Go Through its installation Wizard.

How to Install Apps on it ( Technique 1)

After the installation, the question is how to install android apps on it.
1.Click on the search icon in the top right of the screen
2. Type Whats App( You can type any app you want to download), and hit enter.
3.Just like your mobile devices, you simply click on the Whats App icon.
4.Hit the install button.
5.After it's installed, you will be able to find your new Android app in your apps section of Blue stacks any time you want it.

How to Install apps on it ( Technique 2)

1.Open any search engine.

2.Type in whats app a p k file (You can type the name of the app you want)

3. Open any of the links and download the file. (Its pretty easy, so i guess i don't need to explain it)

4. Right Click on the File.

5. Click On the Option, A P K Handler.

6. Go through Installation.

© 2016 saifywrites

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