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How do you decide if a blog is worth guest blogging for?

I found a few guest blogs to write for, but am having a hard time deciding if one is legitimate enough to send my own hand-crafted, highly inspected articles. After reading a few other posts, I saw many that were strangely worded and not very high quality, but there were also a few good ones. My usual response is to make my own niche website if I get too excited about an idea and am able to list out pages of outlined topics. That's great, but the point is to guest blog...how do I do that?


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Bobbeacham says

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5 years ago
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    Dianna Mendez (teaches12345) 5 years ago

    Good advice, and one that I will have to look into on the blog links. I would agree that you must do your research on the blog connections/guest writing. Your writing is a reflection of who you are, low quality links may do some damage.