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Why does the rss place the hub on that same hub you are wanting to place other rss feeds on?

In order to not have the same hub, even after changing out the "best, latest" etc., it seems the hub you are placing an rss winds up on the feed on that very same hub. So, what I do is just add several capsules of the rss and change out the tag word and just say 1 hub, and finally I will not have that same hub show up on its own hub. There has to be an easier way, as the hub always seems to be first on the list, so it doesn't matter how many you want to show up. If there is not an easier way, then some tweaking by HP techs would be great! Victoria Lynn's hub is great on this subject.


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5 years ago
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    Faith Reaper 5 years ago

    Thanks so much peoplepower, I will check your link. Basically, why would the system not recognize the hub you are placing the rss feeds on, and not place that hub in the rss feeds? Seems like it would recognize to not pull up that same hub.