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Has anyone on HP heard of ?

Today while on Google, I just typed in Faith Reaper on hubpages, and of course saw all of my stuff related to hub pages. Then I noticed down about ten or so down the list, this strange link or website. I clicked on it, and it was just like a duplicate of my entire profile page and all of my hubs as they show up here on HP, exactly! One strange thing was I was the only hubber on this link or site, and all of my hubs and profile where pushed to the left of the screen. Does that mean someone has all my published hubs including my profile on another site or a link? What do I need to do?

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Best Answer [ Danson Wachira ] (dwachira) says

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5 years ago
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    Faith Reaper 5 years ago

    Yes, it does and I thank you very much. I have a pretty good idea who is doing such, so as to not be detected because I no longer follow this one, and I am asking that person to stop and remove it and view via hubpages!!! I will report to HP team.