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What's your view on the "Google Take Action" initiative to protect your freedom to use the Internet

"Google Take Action" is launched by Google on 1st December 2012. "Take Action" is backed by Google as a way of protecting people's right to use the internet all over the world. Google says Governments of the world are meeting behind closed doors to decide on the future of the internet. Google says our freedom on the internet is at stake and World Governments alone should not decide on the future of the Internet. Google says everyone involved with the Internet including you should be a part of this decision making process. What is your view on the future of the Internet?


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my4re says

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4 years ago
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    safiq ali patel 4 years ago

    My4re great answer and I agree with you. The internet is a vital too that makes the lives of billions of people somewhat easier every day. It should never be prevented or blocked by any government in the world.