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New computer. Windows 81., IE v.11 - IE stopped holding a home page, goes to about:blank.

Regardless of the setting in Internet explorer options, whether you set a custom home page, use default, or use current - it always changes it back to about:blank. The tiled IE works ok, but when you use the desktop IE it goes to that blank page. I have done multiple virus, adware, spyware scans. Nothing shows up. I also did a IE reset. Same results. Any ideas or help?


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LindaSmith1 says

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3 years ago
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    Jeff Monahan 3 years ago

    Thank you Linda, I am going to call. Coincidentally, it is a Dell Inspiron 15 5547, only about 4 weeks old. I already had to call them on another issue with the Windows tiles not doing anything suddenly. I hope I didn't get a lemon.