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How do you Facebook lovers feel about your support making Mark Zuckerberg a $44.6 billionaire.

He is now touting that he will be even wealthiest in the coming years. Everyone keeps whining about unequal distribution of wealth, and now they have created their own. Should people profit from their business, of course. But what about how much taxes they can avoid while doing it. The average person has no real way to do what is available to the rich. Facebook has no real worth, and yet the people open their kimono to reveal whatever is left of the their personal privacy. This is especially true of the millenniums, who seem to be the least brightest of recent new generations.


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Lisa Vollrath (lisavollrath) says

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21 months ago
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    Mike Leal (Hanzamfafa) 21 months ago

    Everything you said was correct Lisa. There is nothing I can see to have a negative feedback regarding Mark Zuckerberg's wealth. It did not just happen without him doing nothing. It is not his fault how society and money work as a system.

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