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What programs use Java? I've just updated to Windows 10 and wonder what I'd lose by uninstalling it

I got my Dell Inspiron computer in 2011 and it has been updated from Windows XP to 7 and now to 10. I suspect I even copied over everything from an earlier computer in 2007, and I now have accumulated fragments of all sorts of programs which state they were installed in 2011 but were actually from my old computer. Although I believe many of them are useless, I don't know which ones to delete, in case I do damage. I know it's possible to use a clean-up programmed like cCleaner, but I need to know what to clean up and what to leave, so can't use it!


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16 months ago
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    Diana Grant (Gloriousconfusion) 16 months ago

    Thank you Alessio - I have now uninstalled Java and done a computer clean-up. As you said, if I find that I need Java, I can install the latest Java.