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Apple Airport Express vs Airport Extreme Router

Updated on November 1, 2016

Which Router is Better: Apple's AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme?

Are you looking for a comparison of Apple's Airport Express vs Airport Extreme.

In this article I'll compare the two well known routers and illustrate the difference between the two.

Apple only makes a limited number of router models available on the market that are specifically designed for.

While there are some other brands of general routers out there, you might find that the signal of some of them can be too weak making it hard to go truly wireless and mobile.

Those generic routers often have too many cords or could have a really complicated set-up process.

Apple understands these concerns among their followers and they want to make things easier for you with the Apple AirPort routers.

Like most Apple products, Airport routers are compact and easy to use. All it takes is plugging your DSL cable in and a few touches and taps through your iPad and even you iPhone and iPod Touch.

Don't be afraid that PC users can't enjoy the benefits of the Apple AirPort. Both Mac and Windows users alike can set this router up from their computers and they can utilize these routers fully.

The AirPort from Apple comes in two variants, the AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme. But which one is better? Which one should you buy for yourself?

There are a few differences between the two items and this article provides you with a comparison between the two so that you can find out which AirPort suits you before making a purchase.

Apple AirPort Express

Great if your on the go and don't want a big footprint

Apple Airport Express Range
Apple Airport Express Range

The Apple AirPort Express is a small device at just 3.9 by 3.9 by 0.9 inches and works with devices using 802.11a/b/g/n specs.

It has a clean and sleek design and you can also purchase an optional mount that will give you the ability to hang the router on a wall, on the side of your table, or anywhere else for added convenience.

Apple AirPort Express Router

Installing and setting up this router is a snap, especially if you're a Mac user and familiar with the indicative simple setup that Apple offers across their product spectrum.

A set-up assistant is integrated into iOS for your handheld devices and also into Airport Utility for OS X.

Downloading the Airport Utility for Windows is also really easy. You can also set up a guest connection on this router to keep your personal network private.

With its USB port, you can plug a printer into the router to allow for wireless printing even if your printer does not have this feature.

The AirPort Express also features AirPlay which will allow you to connect iTunes to a stereo or a set of speakers.

By connecting your stereo or speakers through an audio cable that plugs right into the router, you can play songs from the iTunes library on your computer or iOS device.

The AirPort Express can handle up to 50 connections and has one LAN port, one WAN port, a USB port for your printer, and an audio port for your stereo and speakers.

Apple Airport Express on the back of a monitor

Apple Airport Express on the back of a monitor
Apple Airport Express on the back of a monitor

Apple Airport Extreme

Just like the AirPort Express, you can plug your printer into the router to print wirelessly. But as an added feature, you can also plug an external hard drive into the USB port to share files.

While the Extreme can also handle up to 50 users at any given time, the difference lies in the ports. Everything is pretty much the same except that the Extreme has three LAN ports.

The AirPort Extreme definitely has more features but for nearly $100 more it could be too steep for some people.

Considering the amount difference, if you don't have the cash for the AirPort Extreme, the AirPort Express isn't too far off.

Apple AirPort Extreme - The Winner

More features and better all around router give it a thumbs up!

The recently redesigned AirPort Extreme is the ultimate home router. Set up is a breeze with the AirPort Utility program, no waiting for blinking or flashing lights to go off (a major pain that seems to plague most other routers on the market today).

While it's size is significantly bigger than the AirPort Express, the sleek and clean design is unique and easily saves much need desk space.

Also, because of the better processor, the Extreme router is able to handle much more bandwidth speed.

As with the Airport Express, it is possible to keep your personal network private by adding a guest connection option with a separate password.

In the end, It really depends on what you want to use this for, but after setting up my parents' network with the Apple Airport Extreme, I kind of lean towards the Airport Extreme.

It is truly is a great product and has some added bells and whistles.

The Extreme is also now capable of 801.11ac which is blazingly fast.

© 2013 ClaytonDaily

Apple Airport Express or Airport Extreme? - Which one did you end up choosing?

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