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ARCHOS Child Pad | Tablet for Kids

Updated on April 17, 2013

An Android Tablet For Kids

The Archos Child Pad is a 7" tablet designed for kids. It runs the android operating system and has a child-friendly app store and parental controls built in.

7" tablets are just the right size for kids. But most tablets on the market are either designed for adults and lacking comprehensive parental controls, or aimed at young children and with restricted and expensive educational apps and games.

There's a real need for a tablet that is designed for kids but gives access to a range of low cost content. It looks like the ARCHOS Child Pad is aiming to fill that gap.

ARCHOS Child Pad Specification

Try Adorama for a good price on the

Archos 4GB Child Pad 7" Android 4.0 Tablet, ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz Processor, 1GB RAM, 4GB Flash Memory,

The ARCHOS Child Pad will offer:

- A 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM - this isn't hugely powerful but should be fine for lots of games and apps

- Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) - the is the latest version of Android

- A 7" touchscreen. I'm hoping this is a capacitative screen, but that hasn't been mentioned yet

- A custom kid-friendly user interface with big icons

- Wifi? Not mentioned in the press release.

Archos ChildPad 7-Inch 4 GB Tablet (White with Blue Trim)

@ Amazon


ARCHOS Child Pad - Tablet for Kids

ARCHOS Child Pad
ARCHOS Child Pad


How Much Does the ARCHOS Child Pad Cost?

ARCHOS Child Pad Price

The ARCHOS Child Pad has a RRP of $129. How does this compare with other tablets on the market? Well it's more expensive that a non-android kid-specific tablet like the VTech InnoTab 2 and less expensive than the higher-specification Kindle Fire tablet. (Current prices for these tablets shown below.)

Vtech InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet - White

@ Amazon


Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

@ Amazon


When is the ARCHOS Child Pad Available

ARCHOS Child Pad Release Date

The ARCHOS Child Pad is available.

ARCHOS Child Pad Apps and Content

The ARCHOS Child Pad will have an app store that offers access to a restricted child-friendly set of apps rather than the full android marketplace. Many parents will be pleased to hear this, it has been a sticking point with allowing kids to use Android tablets like the Kindle Fire.

The Kids App store will offer "14-friendly categories and 10,000 apps including games, entertainment, communication, multimedia, books, comics, sports and more"

The press release says the Child Pad will have "the top 28 kids' apps pre-loaded" including Angry Birds.

Having access to a limited set of content is a valuable feature. If you go looking for graphic novels (comic books) in the Amazon Kindle store for example, some of what you find will be quite, well graphic. It's good to be able to avoid kids unintentionally seeing such material when they're young. (Of course at some point you need to talk to your kids about viewing appropriate content, for me it's the accidental stuff I'm more concerned about.)

A lot of parents will also want to know whether streaming video services like NetFlix are available. A filtered, kid-friendly video streaming service would be brilliant.

Press Release

ARCHOS Child Pad Parental Controls

The ARCHOS Child Pad has parental controls and safe web-browsing powered by Editions Profil who make parental control software. This is good news. In most cases parents do want to give kids access to the web but would rather they only had restricted access to content.

There's no mention of parental controls for purchases but this will be one of the key areas of parental concern. You don't want kids to be able to run up a big credit card will by purchasing apps or making in-app purchases. However you do want them to be able to download free child-safe content, and possibly have a limited budget for paid content. I'm interested to see how ARCHOS handle this issue.

Top ARCHOS Tablets

ARCHOS is an experienced tablet maker so the ARCHOS Child Pad is building on their existing expertise.

Thanks for Visiting

ARCHOS Child Pad

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Any word on when sharing a deotksp from Windows 8 will be available? We are looking for a solution that is compatible, and right now it looks like Teamviewer is one of the few that works. We were hoping that would catch up least over the time since the last post on this thread.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I'm doing a presentation renirdagg IE 10 next month for a MeetUp group and if join,me doesn't have a Win 8 sharing client soon, I'll not only be using TeamViewer, but introducing a dozen or more people to it solely because I can share my Win 8 screen via TeamViewer, but not

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks Greg! We switched to TeamViewer secsuscfully. Sorry, but comments like Windows 8 is something that is being investigated by our development team above tell me that none of your developers knew that Windows 8 would work differently and nobody tested with the Beta that's been out for months. Not inspiring a lot of confidence that this will be fixed soon

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It's nice to see so many alternatives! Great content for little ones! I review educational iPad apps in my lens' - Come visit!


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