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Are banner ads dead or just dieing?

Updated on December 15, 2014

Do people still click ads on websites

More and more people are spending time online... was what i would of said 5 years ago. Nowdays people dont just visir websites, they actually running their own websites. Whether it is a blog or a complex website with thousands of members. And if you are a blogger chances are you have looked at monetising your website?

Well the most common and easiest way to advertise would be banner ads. And for many years i have used banners to increase my earnings from my sites. Typically if i had 1000 visits on my site i would get around 6 people clicking the ads. I was happy with that. It was worth my time as well.

That was a few years ago now i am lucky to even get one click per thousands. I thought it was just me, but it seems people are wising up to the empty promises we find online. And it is not just online television ads are proving ineffect also.

So what can we do? Well nothing you cant force people to click your ads,i mean if you do you will probably be banned.

There are many ad networks that dont allow banner ads, such as infolinks. I feel info links will be increasing its profits very soon. I have yet to use them though but i may try them out very soon

How do use banner ads effectively to promote your business online

Whether or not banner ads are dead or still useful to use. You need to find what works best. According to google who would have the most information on banner ads and everybody knows how big they are just from banner ads so it must work in some ways. Although google are moving onto new projects and different ways of advertising such as video, in text links and affiliate marketing.

However they state that the ads that get the most clicks are the 250 x 250 which is the large square, the leaderboard banner and also the skyscraper banner. So if you do start to use banner ads to promote your business make sure they are those sizes or around those sizes for maximum click exposure.

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