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Updated on February 1, 2013

Protect Your iPad with Artistic Coverings

I decided awhile back to open a Zazzle Store called IPADS_UNLIMITED. Since I'm an artist and have hundreds of designs and I've always had a fascination for all things "hi tech", the two concepts seem to meld together. This lens is to show other artists how easy it is to put your work on Zazzle products and to show how I've incorporated my art into some of these products. My Zazzle store is Here

Tips on Using Zazzle.....


When using Zazzle, it's a pretty good idea to find a niche or special product line, so that you can get specific buyers to your site. Once you decide what you want to sell, Zazzle makes it pretty easy to create products for your store. It takes a little longer when you are putting individual products on your site, but it's easier if you are organized. (I'm mostly not)

For example: (1) create a folder on your desktop for all of your art or photos for use on your products. (2) Go to "Create Products" and choose the product that you want to do - t-shirt, poster, sterling silver necklace, etc. There are 100's of products to choose from. Zazzle walks you through the process from there and you'll be surprised at how easy it is. Make sure that your pictures are at least 5 megabyes in size for most products, and even larger if you plan to do art posters or canvases. Zazzle does some automatic resizing (large to smaller) and will warn you if your image resolution is too small for them to use.

"MUMS THE WORD" IPAD CASE - Step by Step......

I created this case using a photo that I had taken of a Chrysanthemum blossom. I blacked out the background using Photoshop and saved it in a high quality jpeg format. (.jpg) Then I signed into Zazzle, clicked on the word "Create" in the upper left hand corner and selected "Cases" at the bottom of the list. That took me to a page with several choices of cases and I selected the ipad picture - and that took me to a "Create iPad Case" page. Clicked on the "Create" button and it takes me to another page that asks me for a picture.

It gives you a choice of uploading one from your computer or using one that Zazzle has in your image file that you uploaded at an earlier time. I had the "Mum" photo on Zazzle already, so I selected that. Then you hit the "Make it Now" creates the product and then takes you to the final page where you enter a title, a description, tags, and four other incidentals and then you click a box at the bottom to insure that you own the art or photo and then hit the final button and you're done.

Timesaver: If you are doing similar products it helps to have a text file next to your window with your description and tags so that you can copy/paste them into the form.

Creating Your Product on Zazzle - Video

In this instructional video I pick out a product on Zazzle and then go through the process of creating the product. Click Here to See My Zazzle iPad Store


"Mechanica" iPad cover design is based on an abstract watercolor that I did in 1993. It's my favorite abstract and I think that it makes an interesting iPad cover.

Click Here to See My Zazzle iPad Store

The Sedona Design

The "Sedona" design is made up of two digital photographs that I took while visiting Sedona, Arizona, a few years ago. The coloration in the natural rocks there is breathtaking.

"Stairway to Heaven" - iPad Cover

This cover design is based on a digital painting that I did for a ladie's retreat last year.

Click Here to See My Zazzle iPad Store

"Japanese Ornament" - iPad Cover

This design was inspired by some Japanese ornaments that I found in a book from the 1800's.

"A True Beauty" - iPad Cover

A True Beauty - iPad Case was designed using a photo that I took last summer in our special garden.

Click Here to See My Zazzle iPad Store

The "Hearts #2" Design

Hearts 2 - iPad Case was created using a variation of my other iPad case design. It reminds me of an deep, rich old tapestry.

A Child In The Third Stage of Sleep - iPad cover

A Child In The Third Stage of Sleep - iPad cover. A Sci-Fi painting adorns this one. Stewart painted his daughter, Dawn, at 8 years old, and imagined what she might be dreaming about....

Click Here to See My Zazzle iPad Store

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