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Articulating TV Wall Mount

Updated on November 25, 2014

Best Articulating TV Wall Mounts

Forget about televisions that need a stand or entertainment centre to be placed on. Flat screen TV's can be hung on the wall to not only save space, but to help any room look more professional or more elegant. In order to place the TV on the wall you will need a wall mount. An articulating TV wall mount can be found online. Articulating TV wall mounts are easy to find but it depends on the size of your television and how far or close you want the TV to the wall and on which one will fit your needs to most. Most of them are inexpensive and they are all stable and sturdy mounts that will hold tightly to the wall. Some of the best articulating TV wall mounts are listed here.

VideoSecu Television Wall Mount Articulating Bracket for Monitor 10b 1E9 and VESA 100 LED LCD Flat Panel Screen TV

This articulating TV wall mount costs about $15 on Amazon and received 4.5 stars from its reviewers. It fits most flat screens from 15 inches to 27 inches. It supports flat screen LCD's with VESA 100x100 or 75x75. Its loading capacity is up to 33 pounds. It swivels, tilts and extends in order for you to get the best viewing angle possible.

This articulating TV mount can tilt up to 180 degrees and swivel from left to right. It extends up to 14 inches away from the wall and retracts as close as 1.6 inches to the wall. It has a design with two link arms and a classic black finish that is ideal and sophisticated for any office, showroom, hotel, and even in your home. It comes with a user manual with instructions and hardware needed to firmly place the wall mount onto your wall.

VideoSecu Articulating Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 32"-65" LED LCD Plasma TVs

This articulating TV wall mount from VideoSecu works with television sets that are between 32 and 65 inches in size. The TV itself can weigh up to 165 pounds. The dual arm that is attached to the wall mount can pull out up to 25 inches and there are leveling adjustments included for perfect display. You can keep your cables neat and tucked away with the cable management arm behind where the TV goes. You get all the necessary hardware included with the purchase of the mount and you also get a 10 foot HDMI, V1.4 high speed cable. This wall mount allows you to move your television set at a tilting level of plus or minus 15 degrees. You can also swing the set from side to side depending on where you are sitting.

Invision® TV Wall Mount Bracket - Ultra Slim Design 1.8" Wall Profile With 20" Articulating Arm

This articulating TV wall mount allows for one of the slimmest wall distances on the market. You can push your set back to 1.8 inches arm extension. You can install a television that weights up to 88 pounds on this arm and the size can be between 26 and 55 inches. You can use this mounting system with 3D TV’s. LED, LCD, Plasma and more. You can also tilt down at plus 10 degrees and minus 2 degrees upwards. A 180 degree rotation is also included.

Universal TV Wall Mounts

Universal television wall mounts are, as the name suggests, designed to be universal in that they should fit as many of the appropriate televisions as possible, if not all of them.

Cheetah Cheetah Mounts ALAMLB Articulating Arm (20" Extension) TV Wall Mount Bracket for 23-49" Mounts Tilt Dual Hook Flat Screen TV Bracket

This Cheetah Mounts articulating arm TV wall mount works with televisions that are between 23 and 49 inches large. The TV can be up to 66 pounds. The arm extends up to 20 inches but when you push it back towards the wall the set only comes out approximately 2.5”. You get a full 180 degree swivel, 360 degree rotation and a plus or minus 15 degree tilt. All of your hardware is included and you also get a 10 foot HDMI cable and a 6 inch, 3 axis bubble level.

VideoSecu LCD LED TV Wall Mount Full Motion With Swivel Articulating Arm

This item costs about $18 on Amazon. It received 4.5 stars from more than 1,000 reviewers. It can tilt, swivel, and rotate to get the most of your viewing flexibility. It has a VESA plate that can be taken off when installing. It can tilt 15 degrees up and down and it extends from the wall from 19 to 20 inches.

This VideoSecu wall mount has a post installation level adjustment that allows you to make sure that the TV is completely level. Mount hardware is included at time of purchase along with magnetic bubble level and a free seven foot HDMI cable. It can swivel up to 180 degrees and can hold up to a 42 inch television.

Choosing your Mount

Purchasing and installing an articulating TV wall mount is a great way to showcase your television as part of a certain room. Also, utilizing a wall mount does not require you to have an entertainment stand or table of some sort to house your television. This is ideal if you have a smaller living room or want to save space in your bedroom where you like having a TV. An articulating TV wall mount is relatively affordable, especially if you take into account the price of a TV stand. Also, keep in mind you can turn the television set any direction that you want so it is not mounted flat in one location like traditional wall mounts.

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