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Updated on June 16, 2016


Asdf is actually what your fingers naturally type, if you run them across the home row of your computer keyboard. But more importantly, it is an aggressive demand for attention. Typing asdf commonly happens among noobs spamming a board, when creating topics or just to remind someone that they exist and are there.

Asdf can be used just about anywhere. These four letters are so powerful, that their usage fills complete sentances, paragraphs, essays, books and volumes. Asdf is the original and ultimate four letter word. This is especially true, because the vast majority of users utilize asdf to express or display frustration. Other common uses of asdf include when no title is worthy typing in the subject bar of an email, when no appropriate explaination can be ascertained, when you can think of anything to say, when you have nothing to say and when you are angry.

As in saying,"ASDF!"
Or the less personal,"...asdf?"
Asdf can also be used with qwertyuiop and ghjkl.
So the correct response to an IM that says simply,"...qwertyuiopasdfghjkl", would be,"ASDF!"

Asdf is a technical word for feelings of anxiety, excitement, confusion, agitation, happiness or sometimes happens when randomly hitting too many keys during a fit of emotional outburst. Since the letters a, s, d, and f are right next to one another on any standard keyboard, the meaning is almost only identifiable with proper context clues. Without context asdf can translate into almost any number of possible meanings.

Asdf really has no real meaning, but some people tend to be confused when someone talks about it or says it. By strictest definition, asdf translates spelled forward or backward the same for everyone in all languages, as one of six literal meanings :

1. The universal sign of anger.
2. Text one types as a placeholder.
3. The first four letters in the home row on a QWERTY keyboard.
4. The name of a series of cartoon comics on YouTube by a guy named TomSka.
5. An acronym to describe an annoying person/n00b in an online game or chat room.
6. A stupid dumb muthafucka or any equivalent variations based on the asdf acronym.


Some ancient texts claim that the first original translation of asdf is said,"I am all knowing bitches!" As in saying,"...i totally asdf my boyfriend last night". If you need any further clarifications, please asdf me.

Or to STOP future clarifications, please REPLY to this message with...


Please Do Not Watch Me. Please.

Urban Dictionary defines asdf as,"A profanity that just is. Can be used as all other profanities", "the phalangical equivalent to rolling your eyes", and "the textual keyboard counterpart to tapping your fingers, individually, on a desktop from pinky finger to index finger".
Jeph Jacques in the web comic 'Questionable Content' mentions asdf as a robot curse word, only once. As in the following conversational example :

1 "Asdf?"
2 "It's a robot cuss word; he has a filthy mouth"
3 "Human curse words focus on mating, excretion and male genitalia."
4 "Robot curse words focus on mashing on home row. Asdf is a four-letter word."

Asdf is truly the greatest letter combination (also known as word) ever and may refer to the short comings of your penis size (being too small to cover the asdf letter keys). Asdf results from random keyboard mashing. Other forms are asdfghjkl, asdfghjkl;, and dajfopejrpwi48g. Also spelled: ay es de ef; and in some very extreme situations asdf is defined as A-Sexuals Don't Fuck. Only in this context the correct use of the word asdf would be :

Person A - FUCK YOU!
Person B - ASDF!!!


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    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 14 months ago from Australia


      As usual sheer brilliance combined with smart humour.

      How do you do that voodoo that you do, SO WELL?!

      Thanks bruz.