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Automatically Maintain Windows 7 Computer

Updated on January 19, 2016

System Utility software will make maintaining your computer automatic, and easy!

Automatically maintaining your PC with software will save you hours of time since the automatic computer maintenance software will do all the work for you.

Maintaining your computer's Windows 7 or older operating system manually can be time consuming and dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, or too lazy to learn how to maintain Windows 7 properly. Windows 7 is one of the most advance operating systems for a computer. It requires on going maintenance like disk defrag, disk cleanup, antivirus scans, and more for it to run at it best. Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems to automatically maintain a PC because it has Windows Defender, Automatic Windows Update, Microsoft Security Essentials, SmartScreen Filter, Windows Firewall, and UAC (User Activated Controls) which helps Windows automatically defend your computer from viruses, spyware, and hackers. It also can detect and fix some errors automatically.

However, a lot of automatic system utility software like TuneUp Utilities, Diskeeper, Malwarebytes, and Vipre does a better job to fix some errors, or enhances your Windows experience when used alongside some of Windows default features like UAC, firewall, and Windows Defender.

For the typical non-geek computer user, running disk cleanup, disk defrag, and antivirus scans manually is very boring or hard in some cases, so it usually never gets done, or when it gets done it takes a long time because the user haven't run any of these processes in months, or even years because they forgot to, or never bothered to run them, so their hard drive is running slowly and filled with junk, and a virus got into their computer slowing it down because they forgot to scan their hard drive for viruses, or they forgot to renew their anti-virus definition updates.

Manually deleting files from your hard drive can be disastrous because you risk losing important data like your office work, or you deleted the wrong file, and now Windows can not start up. Both are very stressful situations to be in because you lost your data, and hiring a data recovery, and computer technician expert can be very costly.

A lot of users also lose data because they forgot to backup manually, but they could of avoided losing data if they used Windows built-in Automatic backup software, or 3rd-party automatic update software.

These days there are a lot of system utility software which work in the background making sure your computer drives are defrag, clean of junk files and viruses, and all important data is backed up.

Windows 7 also automatically updates Windows to make sure you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office, so you are safer from viruses and software bugs wrecking your computer. Also, Windows 7 can also automatically fix problems with Windows 7 in some cases.

Using System Utility software like TuneUp Utilities 2012 which supports automatic maintenance is like having your own personal robot in your computer making sure Windows, and all your software installed on Windows is running optimally and securely without any or much interaction from the user except installing it on their computers, and letting it run in the background while their computer is on. Automatic system utilities like disk defrag, disk cleanup, registry clean up, virus and spyware scan, and Windows update run automatically using idle resources on a user's computer, so the user won't be slowed down to a noticeable level when automatic system utility is maintaining, securing, and backing up your computer's operating system and important data.

Diskeeper 2011 Disk Defrag software automatically keeps your hard drive from getting fragmented by automatically defragging it. - Diskeeper is a great disk defr

After you installed Diskeeper 2011 Disk Defrag on your computer, Diskeeper will automatically defrag your hard drive to make sure your files are organize on your drive to keep them from being fragmented or scattered all over your hard drive which can cause Windows to start up slower, and open programs and files slower. Diskeeper automatically defrags your drive by monitoring fragmentation on your drive and eliminating fragmentation when it is detected.

Diskeeper also only uses idle computer resources, so you won't even notice it is running, but you will notice the increase in speed, and start up time once you installed Diskeeper which will automatically maintain the speed and performance of your hard drive to keep it running at its best without any user interaction.

2011 Professional - 1 Workstation
2011 Professional - 1 Workstation

Cure and prevent performance-robbing fragmentation so your PC is always fast.

Increase the speed, performance and reliability of your PC — automatically.

Speed up PC Boot-up, Backup, Web Browsing, Applications and so much more.

Increase file access speeds – by as much as 80%.

Increase the longevity of your hard drive, so it lasts up to 3 years longer.

Consolidate free space – so your files can be written side-by-side.

Minimize resource usage – by targeting & eliminating problem fragmentation.

Prevent fragmentation-related PC slows, lags and crashes.

Reduce I/O activity for fastest read and write speeds.

Reduce file corruption and data loss.

Benefits of automatic system utility software
Benefits of automatic system utility software

What are the Benefits of System Utility Software which automatically maintain Windows 7

Faster computer start up, a more reliable computer, and a safer computer is the advantages of system utility software which automatically maintains Windows 7 for you.

By using software to automatically maintain Windows 7 Operating System, your computer start up and overall performance would be faster since Windows won't be slowed down by disk fragmentation, un-needed startup programs, and virus programs.

Your computer would be safer to use as well since your antivirus, and antispyware programs would automatically check for virus programs which infect your computer, and slow it down.

Other benefits include reduce maintenance cost if you run a company which has a lot of computer to maintains. You no longer have to hire someone to manually run disk defrags, virus scans, disk clean up, and other system utility software manually since your system utility software would run by themselves automatically, or on scheduled time like during lunch breaks when no one is using the computers.

With a just 100 dollars or less in software cost, you can save thousands of dollars or more in unexpected and routine computer repair bills, lost productivity because of a broken computer, very slow running virus infected computers, and frustration caused by not automatically maintaining Windows 7, or worse you lose everything because you never backed up your data, and your computer got broken, lost, stolen, and all your work got lost, and is unrecoverable, or you have to pay thousands of dollars in data recovery to try to recover data from a damaged computer hard drive which is a difficult task in many cases even when you pay someone.

Automatic vs Scheduled tasks
Automatic vs Scheduled tasks

Scheduling vs Automatically maintaining Windows 7 Operating System

Scheduling is seting tasks to run at certain times. Automatic is running a task when it needs to be run.

Scheduling System maintenance task like disk defrag, disk clean up to be run is better for people with older and slower computers who play a lot of video games, do a lot of high end video editing, and photo editing since no system maintenance will be run during the time you are working. However, scheduling tasks to be run can be more difficult since you need to go into the settings or use Windows Task Scheduling to manually set when you want to run your tasks.

Sometimes also end up never being run because Task Scheduler, or your program's scheduler never chance to run because your computer is off when your computer should be running your next scheduled tasks or the Task Scheduler is broken. Schedule task also waste a lot of electricity if you do not set your PC to shutdown when it finish defraging your drive, or a disk clean up. Plus, when tasks are running your fans, and other always on computer parts like hard drive, and possibly monitor if you forgot to turn it off are still using electricity.

If your computer staff, or yourself set your scheduled tasks to run when you are doing your office work, homework, and other daily tasks, your computer might slow down, or it will cause your programs to crash because of a lack of RAM, or free CPU cycles. Plus, some system schedule software use more system resources then an automatic running system utility software which is designed to work beside your other software with much or any system slowdown.

Automatic Computer Maintenance software would be a better choice for computer users who have mid end to high end computers with 2GB or more of RAM, 2.0GHz CPU, and running Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. Automatic System Maintenance and Repair software like Diskeeper, TuneUp Utilities 2011, MalwareBytes, and Vipre AntiVirus run in the background automatically maintaining, securing, and repairing your computer. Most good automatic computer maintenance software is smart enough to use only ide/un-used system resources like free RAM, and CPU cycles, so the average user who uses their computer mainly for web browsing, office work, data entry, light gaming, basic video editing, and other daily tasks won't notice any or much performance problems from having system utility software automatically maintain Windows, and make it faster and more secure while you are working on your work, homework, or watching a movie.

You can also very easily temporarily disable automatic maintenance for times when you need all of your computer hardware system resources like RAM, CPU cycles, and hard drive read and write for playing very high end computer games on its highest setting, or heavy HD and 3D video editing or rendering. It is also very easy to turn your automatic system utility software ON by just clicking a button, or link on the software program's user interface, or going into the settings, and checking a check box, and clicking apply or OK button.

For the typical home user, I recommend using an automatic system utility program like Tuneup Utilities 2011, an Antivirus like Vipre Antivirus which protects your PC in realtime, and an anti-malware/antispyware program like Malwarebytes which automatically protects you from the latest malware threats.

I have been using System Utility software like Diskeeper 2010, TuneUp Utilities 2011, Malwarebytes, and Vipre Antivirus for a few years now on my older Windows 7 Home Premium computer with a 1.8GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 320 GB hard drive, and I don't notice any noticeable performance slow downs, but I do notice the speed increase from automatic system utility software maintaining and optimizing my PC performance on a daily basis.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 maintains your computer automatically to keep it in Top Shape. - TuneUp Utilities automatically optimizes, defrag your hard drive, clean y

I have been using TuneUp 2011 for almost a year now to automatically maintain, and speed up my computer, and it has work great at keeping my PC well maintained, and running at its best without much or any user interaction from me, so I can do my work knowing my computer is automatically well maintained instead of manually maintaining my computer with many manual system utilities in the past. TuneUp Utilities saved me so much time.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 will automatically clean your hard drive of temporary files like temporary internet files, temporary system files, defrag Windows hard drive, remove registry errors, broken shortcuts, and disable or remove unwanted or unused software which most people do not use.

You can also use TuneUp Utilities to customize the way Windows look, and behave.

TuneUp makes it easy for you to automatically maintain your computer, optimize, speed up, and customize Windows with Tune Up Utilities easy to use point and click button User Interface.

TuneUp Utilities run automatically in the background maintaining Windows, so you do not have to waste your time manually running disk clean up, disk defrag, registry cleaners, disk check up, and diagnostic software which can be time consuming.

Tune-Up is also smart enough to backup deleted registry keys, and settings, so you can easily restore them with the restore wizard in the rare chance something important gets removed or changed by mistake.

Give TuneUp 2012 a try to see the difference in performance in your Windows PC after you are using it to maintain your PC.

Tuneup Utilities 3-User
Tuneup Utilities 3-User

Utility software for fixing, speeding up, and maintaining up to 3 PCs

New program deactivator with programs-on-demand technology

Turn off over 70 functions that are not used on a daily basis

Turbo Mode--10 times more powerful than before--brings PC to maximum speed

User-friendly Start Center; at-a-glance optimization status; 30+ intuitive tools


Malwarebytes Premium edition automatically protects your computer from malware, virus, and spyware programs - The paid version of Malwarebytes automatically sca

I have been using Malwarebytes for years, and it works great at protecting my computer from the latest malware with its automatic updates, and scans. The real time shield for Malwarebytes protect me from malware, spyware, or viruses. I haven't had any serious malware problem on Windows 7 which Malwarebytes can't detect or fix. Malwarebytes let me use my computer peacefully without worrying about spyware, malware, and virus programs spying on me while slowing down and wrecking my computer because Malwarebytes is automatically protecting me from the latest virus, malware, and spyware threats from online, USB flash drives, etc. I also know that I be protected from very new malware, virus, and spyware program which are not in Malwarebytes malware updates yet because Malwarebytes has a malware behavior detection engine which can detect and delete unknown malware which try to harm your computer which makes me feel safer when using Windows 7.

Malwarebytes antimalware premium edition is a great antimalware to protect your computer because it has a realtime shield to protect your computer from malware, virus, and spyware programs which want to infect your computer, and cause problems. Malwarebytes also features automatic updates, and scans. Manual scans with Malwarebytes are also fast as well because there is a quick and flash mode which only scans your most important area. This means whenever Malwarebytes scan your computer for harmful software it would be using the latest version of its definition files to detect newer and older malware, spyware, and virus programs. Automatic scanning is useful for catching malware, spyware, and virus programs which your antivirus, and Malwarebytes realtime scan failed to catch in rare circumstances.

MalwareBytes also has a FileAssasin tool which you can use to try to delete malware which you can't delete with Windows, and security software. There is also a website blocker feature in Malwarebytes to automatically block known bad, and infected websites from infecting your computer with a harmful virus program.

MalwareBytes is you can use it along side your existing security software like antivirus, firewall, family filter, and other software without any problem for even more protection.

The best part of MalwareBytes Premium is once you paid for your license, you will get automatic definition updates for life.

Try out Malwarebytes to see how powerful it is at detecting and getting rid of virus, malware, and spyware programs from your computer while keeping you safe from malware in real-time.

VIPRE High Performance Antivirus and AntiSpyware automatically keeps your computer secure without slowing it down - Vipre antivirus is designed to keep your com

Vipre Antivirus, and Antispyware is designed to keep Windows safe from most virus, spyware, and malware attacks without Vipre slowing down your computer's performance which makes Vipre a great antivirus program for users who own slower computers with less then 1GB of RAM, and a 1GHz CPU. I personally use it on my computer, and Vipre does not slow my PC down compared to some other free antivirus programs I tried in the past.

Vipre Antivirus and Antispyware features a realtime shield to protect your computer in realtime, automatic updates to make sure you are automatically protected from the latest threats, and automatic scans to scan your computer for viruses.

By using Vipre Antivirus, you'll be more protected from identity theft, and privacy invasions caused by keyloggers, trojans, virus, and other malware programs which Vipre will protect and remove from you.

All you have to do is install Vipre Antivirus, and it will protect you from virus programs from USB drives, CDs, DVDs, websites, and files. It can also detect unknown viruses from infecting your PC.

Vipre anti-virus also let you easily do manual scans with it easy one click user interfaces which makes scanning your computer faster and easier.

Automatic computer backup software - Backing up your computer files automatically to prevent losing your documents, videos, photos, and music collection when yo

Your files like your documents, records, photos, music, home videos, and homework, are the most important possessions on your computer, so why not back them up automatically with backup software which can copy all your important files to a USB external hard drive for safe keeping just in case your computer hard drive crashes, or it gets stolen.

Some backup software called disk imaging or cloning software can backup all your files, programs, and Windows automatically, so you can quickly and automatically restore your computer by starting your computer from a boot disk to restore all your data on a new hard drive or your old hard drive which got infected by a virus, and getting rid of the virus in the process.

Paragon Backup & Recovery 10
Paragon Backup & Recovery 10

Backup: Advanced Drive Backup 10 Pro technology, Out-of-box automated system backup, Any backup destination,

Migration & Virtualization: Easy system migration to a different or dissimilar physical or virtual environment,

Recovery: Virtualization ManagerTM, Linux/DOS and WinPE 2.1 bootable recovery environments,

Online processing of locked (in-use) hard disks, Support for all popular virtual machines, Adjusts OS automatically, Smart Driver Injection

Comprehensive Imaging for Win2K+ systems, Smart Backup Wizard


Automatically Sandbox harmful program from infecting Windows 7 Videos - Sandbox programs like Sandboxie automatically sandbox programs to prevent virus and spyw

Sandboxing programs are great for automatically sandboxing harmful programs which you may encounter when browsing web sites, opening programs, and files downloaded from the internet.

A sandbox program creates a virtual sandbox to keep programs and files from touching Windows to infect it with a virus, malware, or spyware program by not letting programs run outside the sandbox.

Java is one of the safest programming language for computers because all programs are run in a virtual sandbox as a applet, and won't touch Windows settings, or files directly.

When the sandbox gets infected by a virus, you just empty it and the virus is gone forever.

Leave a comments regarding automatically maintaining Windows 7 - For maximum performance and reliability from a well optimize and maintained computer which is a

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