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Registry Backup Recovery Console

Updated on September 25, 2014

A registry backup recovery console is a valuable software program that can be used to run the command prompt and line utilities on your computer, this back up recovery software is used when you are not able to boot directly into your windows operating system. Data backup recovery software can also be downloaded online as well, but in this case the data backup recovery software i am talking about needs to be physically downloaded from a CD or DVD in order to use it. This software will allow you to create and import a registry backup file, in most all cases the reason for needing this software is because the registry on your computer has been corrupted due to viral problems or the settings have not been set properly, in which case this software will trouble shoot any issues your registry may have. You can purchase this CD online or at your local computer store, you will need to make sure that it is a windows registry backup recovery console that is compatible with your existing computer, so you will need to make sure that you have the right software before buying. There will be instructions and directions on the packaging of the CD, read this carefully before buying the software, if still unsure ask the store owner for the right package for your needs, if purchasing online they will have different types of software that you can choose from and you can always contact help and support if still unsure.

Installing CD

Once you have your CD or DVD you can install it into the computers optical drive, once you have done that you can then reboot the machine. It may take a minute or two for the instillation to fully load. The computer will detect the CD and will tell you to hit any key on the keyboard, once you have pressed any key it will start to boot the required information to the instillation disc. You will be asked to select a time zone for your particular area, key in the type and location and click next. On the screen you should see a link that says  "Repair Computer". OK next you will need to click on your appropriate operating system and then click next.

Choose From List

On the screen you will have a list  to choose from in the recovery console options, then click next. You will be then taken to a screen that is the consoles command prompt utility. Ok you will need to type in the words "reg import backup file" without the quotes make sure you type in the correct words without any spelling mistakes this is very important. The "backupfile" is your registry file backup, Now you will need to press Enter to import the backup settings.

Reboot Computer

Now all you need to do is remove the instillation disc and you can then reboot your computer, the new registry settings will take effect when windows loads, and that's pretty much all that's required put your registration backup console CD back in it's package and store in a safe place for future use in case the same problem my arise again in the future. Although i have given you instructions on how to do this you should also confirm the instillation instructions from the directions that will be on the package as different software may differ depending on the operating system so always double check first. Another option one may decide to take is getting a professional in to do the job for you as they will have all the necessary software to perform the task  you will need to know that most computer technicians will charge a hourly rate and may even charge you for a pre-check before doing any work. This is obviously the last resorts and should only be considered only if you have less than average knowledge on how to perform or use a registry back up disc.


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