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bakery waste water treatment methods

Updated on March 16, 2011
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ETP      -effluent treatment plant
ETP      -effluent treatment plant
ETP -effluent treatment plant

effluent treatment plant - ETP

bakery generate waste water which need to be treated for its discharge into cities municipality drains or central treatment plants . As governments and people becomes more conscious of impact of water pollution and pressure to conserve water ,manufacturers are putting up waste water treatment plant to adhere to legal compliance's .

Waste water is generated in bakeries during process

floor washing

machine washing ,

conveyor cleaning

utensil cleaning ,


These waste are bio degradable hence the best treatment for these types of waste are biological treatment .where microorganism culture are set and organic materials are converted into sludge through process of aeration .

The Specifications by which waste water are measured are

pH , bod , cod , tss , tds , oil and grease and % of heavy metals .

The major component of waste water treatment plant are

Collection pit or equalisation tank : The different streams are mixed and pH correction is done here by addition of Soda ash quantity of soda depends upon the volume of effluent generated by bakeries.

Oil and Grease traps : Tanks are designed in such way that these fats are seperated from effluent .

Aeration Tanks : Effluent is subjected to aeration in this tank . It could be either submerged blower or from any roots blower .diffusers are submerged in thses tanks to have proper aeration of the waste water . Tanks are designed for volume and retention period .

Clarifiers : Here the waste water is seperated from dead sludge and passed on to filters which cleans water from any foreign particles or impurties .Flocullants are also added to enhance sludge formation .

Final tank stores the clear treated water .

Many companies ahve stared utilising this treated water for their gardening purpose or recycling it to cooling towers .

Package type water treatment plant are now available which covers lesser area .and could be shifted to any location easily .



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