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battlefield vs mw3 is like android vs iphone

Updated on December 15, 2011

i thought about this the 3rd day i played bf3. This was my first battlefield game and very different then was i was used too! I am a fan of all games, but i love fighting and shooting games. I was used to mw2 and had gotten bf3 a little while after call duty modern ware 3 came out. So back to my thought. As i played the game with one of my friends i thought this game reminds me of something. I can see the different in the two systems of games and i had just played modern warfare 3 after borrowing it the day before. I thought to myself that this feels just like the major phone OS war between android and iOS. Battlefield 3 being android and MW 3 being iPhone.

The reason i thought of this is because it makes perfect sense, at least to me! Battlefield like android, seems just so open and gives you more freedom then is counterpart. The maps are bigger , they expand as the game type changes. Oh so you want to fly a jet to get to the other side of the map? No problem! You want to switch your attachments of your guns when you die instead of after the game? Sure! Same as android. If you would like to have live wallpapers, or a custom widget, different Roms or changing everything about the phone you own, its all a choice at your finger tips. IOS on the other hand is more set on you following a certain system and doesn't let you differ too much from the stock functions. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing at all! IOS is the smoothness of all the Operating systems, and the easiest to pick up. Which is like Modern warfare 3. The game place is the same you would expect from the series. Great fast fun game play, polished graphics, solid controls and not a lot of bugs or glitches in the game at all. And even though it does host a bunch of new game types and kill streaks, at the end of the day it still feels like the same game done over. It just feels like you can do more with the other choice.

Battlefield and android both suffer from bugs and glitches. Both have many buggy problems, issues and that are able to be over looked if you want more options for your money and times and if you don't like being told what to do, but if you want to go with a safe bet Call of duty 3 or an iPhone would be good for you.


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