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Be A Blogger

Updated on June 25, 2012


Internet is a source of vast useful information.Today for each and every
thing is now we sneak through internet.For just a entertainment most people
use internet.If so why can"t you think making money through internet???
there are a lot of ways you can make money using internet but one of the
effective and easy way of earning money is blogging.
so what is blogging? Blogging is the easy way for
you to share your ideas,jokes or dairies to others. using blogging others
can find you and also you can make money.There are many services who
provides blogging.Among them softtrend enable you to familiar with trustful
service provider such as google,wordpress etc.


Let softtrend familiarize you with google blogging service known as
Blogger.One of the advantage of using blogger that the softtrend found out
is you can add Google's another service known as ADSENSE.Using adsense
Google can add advertisement in to your blog there by you can earn
money.Softtrend tells more about adsense in another how to star
blogging.Follow the below procedures

1.go to
2. enter your gmail id and password.
3.fill up the following details such as name of the blog,themes etc.
3.begin a blogging by typing what ever you wish to type.
4. use italic,bold,font size for your blog.
5. after typing your content click on publish option to publish your post.You can view the preview of your post.


1.insert image/video
you can insert video or image in to you post.
go to tool bar
click on insert image/video
a dialog box will show from where you want to choose video
click on the path of your photo by uploading or using picasa
now the photo will be uploaded
2.using link
you can give links from your blog other sites using link icon on tool bar
3.insert jump break
this option is an ipmortant option because if your blog is too lengthy and you want to make a option such as continue reading this option allow you to do so

now you know how to publish a blog.then the next procedure is to analyse the popularity of your blog.Google will automatically make popular in search order to view how many people are visiting to your blog you have a tab on your dashboard known as stats. click on stats you can view how many people are visiting in to your site. each and everything can be known such as page view, most vising from which country,daily visit etc



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