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Beginners Guide To Become a VoIP Reseller for Betamax/Dellmont (2014)

Updated on January 15, 2014

What is VoIP?

First of all, let me introduce what is VOIP. Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks like the Internet. VoIP converts analog voice signals into digital data packets and supports real-time, two-way transmission of conversations using Internet Protocol (IP).

VoIP calls can be made on the Internet using a VoIP service provider and standard computer audio systems. Alternatively, some service providers support VoIP through ordinary telephones that use special adapters to connect to a home computer network. Many VoIP implementations are based on the H.323 technology standard.

VoIP offers a substantial cost savings over traditional long distance telephone calls. The main disadvantage of VoIP is, like cell phones, a greater potential for dropped calls and generally lesser voice quality.

Reseller Steps
Reseller Steps

Why become a reseller (local agent) for Rynga, LowRateVoip, SmartVoIP, or other Betamax/Dellmont VoIP Service?

The answer is quite simple - MAKE AN EXTRA MONEY! I will show you why. Many users face payment issues with Betamax/Dellmont services and are not able to use their credit cards or other convenient payment options. One way to get around this payment problem is to charge your account using resellers. When anyone recharges their accounts through you, you can make a commission on the transaction. You can decide the additional fee that you want to charge. Just to give you some example, resellers typically charge between 25% to 35% if you are willing to pay in Euro. If you want to use any other currency, then the markup is even higher. So, if you can get even a small number of customers to charge through you, you can make a pretty decent amount of money without doing almost anything and it takes you less than a minute! Now are ready to make some fortune?

Step-by-step guide to become a VoIP reseller

Click the option 'Become a Local Reseller'
Click the option 'Become a Local Reseller'

Now that you have learn what is VoIP and why you must become a reseller, I will show you easy step to become one of them. Trust me, it's so easy!

1. Create a fresh account with any of the services which I will give you a complete list later. For the purpose of this tutorial, I am using SmartVoIP.

2. After you sign-in to your account, look for an option to Become a Local Agent on left hand side.

3. Click at the option 'Become a Local Reseller' which I have circle with red on the screenshot.

Fill in all the blank
Fill in all the blank

4. Then, a new window will pop out from Smartvoip for you to fill in all the empty spaces and provides instructions on how to become a local VoIP reseller.

5. Please remember the first account you created is not a Reseller Account. Use your newly created Reseller Account.

6. Now that you have a reseller account, all you need to do is add a minimum of 10 Euros to your account using International or Local Bank Transfer, CashU, Ukash, WebMoney or by another Top Reseller which usually have Gold Medal. Not all reseller can top up your account. However, I would not recommend you to buy from another Reseller as they usually charge you high commission which may reduce your profit.

7. You are now ready to use your account as a reseller account. Using this account, you can transfer credit to:

VoipBuster, VoipBusterPro, VoipStunt, InternetCalls, VoipDiscount, FreeCall, VoipCheap, VoipCheapUK, PoivY, SparVoip, NetAppel, SipDiscount, WebCallDirect, LowRateVoip, JustVoip, 12Voip, Nonoh, SmsDiscount, VoipWise, VoipRaider, SmsListo, BudgetSip, DialNow, CallEasy, InterVoip, VoipZoom, SmartVoip, ActionVoip, Telbo, Jumblo, VoipBlast, Rynga, VoipGain, PowerVoip

Things to consider before you enter the business

All this sounds much easier than you may realize. Consider the following before you jump into it:

1. How will you inform and attract users to start using your services?

2. How will you manage or beat the existing resellers?

3. You need to be able to host and manage website for your customers to be able to carry out the transaction. So factor the cost of website management.

4. You also need to factor in the charges that credit card companies or other mechanisms like Paypal will charge for cross border transactions. Also factor the costs that you will incur in recharging your reseller account, i.e., costs of using CashU, Ukash, WebMoney, or Bank Transfer.

5. You should be able to provide reasonable level of customer service, so that your customers are satisfied with you and come back to you and spread positive word of mouth.

Would you give a try?

Are you interested to become a VoIP Reseller?

See results

Reader Feedback - Let me know if you have any question regarding the process to become a VoIP Reseller. I also welcomed the existing VoIP Reseller to share your

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    • profile image

      Fred 2 years ago

      This is the cheapest voip service

    • profile image

      Bechan singh 3 years ago


      I want become officeal reseller

      Please give me details

      My email id

    • profile image

      Abdul 3 years ago

      hello. which paymet is better. how get top reseller. pls help me

      pls mail me details

    • profile image

      isham 3 years ago

      I have registered an account exactly how you explained but there is no options for become a reseller.

      Kindly help me

      waiting for your good reply

      Mob : 00 965 66428018

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      how can i be top Reseller for Betamax / Dellmont VoIP Service ? I wait the answer

      pls if any one now send to me


      Thank you

    • profile image

      aaanetsolution 5 years ago

      We are also the largest VoIP phone system supplier on the globe. Did you go to our website yet? Please find them here VoIP Phone System Provider

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for confirming it will recharge all the products.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I have registered an account exactly how you explained but the newly registered account has no reseller options. That means it is a user account not a reseller account.

      Kindly help me.

      my email address is