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Video Gaming Could Benefit How We Live

Updated on January 30, 2012

Gaming is Very Unproductive

Why do we permit video gaming to be a pass time? Video gaming is a pass time shared by millions of young people every day. Do you know how many jobs we could create if young people could use their reasoning skills for the real world? There are zillions of puzzle games with the sole purpose of challenging young people to solve difficult problems. Games like Tetris, Planet Puzzle Leauge, mystry games, and even some adventure games could be used to figure out real world problems.

How We Can Organize With Tetris

Tetris is a game loved by so many. Why not make it an application in the real world? There is so much trash that is not recyclable, but could there possibly be a match? When you look at a heap of trash you do not see usable products. This is because they haven't been put together yet. When trash dumpers dump trash there are still usable products.

Here Is How It Works

First you put a video camera feed on the back of a dump truck. When the trash is dumped the camera records all the trash coming out. This recorded video is then sent to millions of video gamers who analyze the trash being dumped.

The Interface

The video game interface is none other than Tetris. The video feed is rewound and slowed down for the gamer to organize. Gamers looks for a match as the trash goes down the screen. An example would be if someone threw away a broken chair, and another person thew away another broken chair. Instead of pitching both of them, we could use the parts from both, and make a new chair.

Designing The New Chair

Some people might not like playing Tetris, that is ok. We have another job for you. Using the same reasoning skills as in mystery games or adventure games the gamer can recreate a new chair. After the Tetris gamer identifies a connection between the two chairs they are sent to the mystery/adventure gamer. By looking at these two chairs the mystery/adventure gamer can take them apart, discard the broken leg, and use the spare parts to create a new chair.

Retrieving The Parts

Instead of dumping the trash into a land fill the trash is dumped onto a platform that is timed. Once the timer ends, the platform collapses and the trash falls into the landfill. The gamers will have 30 minutes to find a new product in the trash, or it will be discarded. This will be broken up into two time sections, a 10 minute time section for the Tetris gamers, and a 20 minute time section for the mystery/adventure gamers. When a new product is discovered the timer is stopped, and the pieces to make the new product are retrieved from the trash pile. Welders and craftsmen are then standing ready to create the new product.

And a new chair lives happily ever after. :)


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