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Benefits of a LifeProof Iphone Case!

Updated on August 24, 2017

LifeProof Iphone Case the best on the market?

The Apple Iphone is just one of those devices that everybody seems to have the only problem is not everyone protects them very well. After witnessing a few drops and a bunch of customers come in to where I work with shattered screens I started to do a little research. I took a note of everyone that I saw with one and kept track if it had a case, if it was case less and if it had a shattered screen. The numbers were disturbing when you think of how much money you put out to purchase your IPhone. In a week trial I observed 21 Iphones in a 6 day period 10 of them had cases while 11 did not. I also noticed 3 shattered screens which isn't hard to realize since it has a glass front screen.

This allowed me to start doing my research and I stumbled across the LifeProof Iphone Case. The case is waterproof, grim proof, can handle the cold and with stand being dropped. To see more products you can visit Life Proofs Website!

Benefits of the LifeProof Iphone Case

The LifeProof Iphone case does more then just protect your phone from a drop it allows you to take it in the cold, the dirt and even the water. Now your probably thinking the same thing I was when I heard this and that is that it repels water. That's not the case after watching a relative of mine drop hers in a cup of water then proceed to make a call afterwards gave me a whole new respect for the case.

Here are the benefits:

Waterproof - up to 6.6 feet with the ability to take photos or record videos which allows it to be perfect for the backyard pool or a snorkeling trip in the Caribbean.

Shockproof - tested with a 4 foot drop on to concrete with the phone still looking good after the drop allowing an accident drop from the lap getting out of your car for gas to be just an accident.

Snowproof - similar to the waterproof feature it allows your phone to be in the snow with the insurance no water will get inside plus allows you to take photo's in the snow!

Dirtproof - the phone case was put together to withstand life's greatest obstacles such as dirt, sand and dust. Now you don't have to worry about sand in your device or mud in your earphone hole.

Don't believe me? Just take a look at this!

LifeProof Iphone Cases on Amazon

Get some of the best prices on LifeProof phone cases on Amazon!

LifeProof also protects Ipads and Ipod Touches!

Now that you got your phone covered get your other Apple products such as your Ipad or Ipod Touches protected as well.

Lifeproof offers cases for both of these items including the Ipad 2, 3 and 4, Ipad Mini as well as the 4th generation Ipod Touch.

Get all of your Apple products protected today!

Should you get a lifeproof case?

Should you protect your iphone with a lifeproof case?

Should you get yourself a LifeProof Case?

Other great products offered from Life Proof!

As far as cases these are some of the best ones on the market. I have had mine on my personal Iphone for over a year even taking it in the ocean and many times in the pool. On top of the water adventure it has been dropped over 100 times since owning it and still like new!

Here are some other great products that LifeProof offers.

Waterproof Blue Tooth Speaker

Waterproof Head Phones

Solar Power Charger for Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch

Cradles for your bike

Plus many other great items!

Do you have a case protecting your IPhone?

See results

Any feed back from you on the LifeProof Iphone Cases?

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    • justpjteb profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @cynthiannleighton: Thank you!

    • cynthiannleighton profile image


      6 years ago

      Good start! Nice work.


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