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best Gaming Laptops 2015

Updated on June 26, 2015

hey guys, in this article i’m going to be counting down the top 5 best gaming nptebooks that money can buy.

05-Lenovo Y50 :

It is probabily the least powerfull of the gaming notebooks on this list, but the reason why it’s included is because its affordable. At least for what it offers.

Display options range from a 15.6 inch non touch, matte lcd display all the way up to a touch, 4K IPS LCD panel. Of course, the latter is one of the reasons this laptop actually made it to the list.

However, there are some compromises to be made with a display of such a high resolution. Firstly, windows scaling is lackluster at best, and many programs still don’t respect windows scalling. So, unless you dial back the resolution which completely destroys the point of such a high resolution display, you are going to be dealing with small icons and menus, and i mean really small. Also, the gpu itself is not powerful enough to drive games at this resolution so if you want playable frame rates, you are going to be dialing back the resolution which, again defeats the puropose of paying extra for a 4K display.

You do get touch however, but sadly a 1080p touch model isn’t available. The machine weighs in at 5.3 pounds, which is reasonable for such a gaming machine. Storage options start from a 1 terrabyte sshd which basically a 1 terrabyte 5400 rpm hard drive with a small 8gb ssd for caching which iproves responsiveness, all the way up to a 512 GB SSD. Ram on the base confiquration is 8 GB which can be upgradable to 16 GB through LENOVO or by yourself because the laptop is upgradable.

Gpu options range from a Nvidia GeForce HTX 860m to the newly released GTX 960m.

Cpu options range from a Intel Core i7 4710HQ processor on the 860m models and Intel Core i7 4710HQ on the 960m models. So, you get a speed boost in computational performance when you buy the 960m models.

You can pick this machine up for 899 for the 1080p model with the 860m and 1199 for the 4K model with the 860m and you gotta pay extra for the 960m models with SSDs.

04-Alienware 15 :

Now, dell does have the significantly less powerful alienware 13 and slightly more powerful alienware 17. So, i guess there is something for eveyone.

However, i think that most people are going to prefer this one, as it strikes a perfect balance between gaming performance and portability. At a whopping 7.07 pounds, its not a light machine. But, i guess you can expect that considering the hardware that this machine packs under the hood. You can either get it with an Intel Core i5 4210H dual core processor for the lower end models which can either have the Nvidia GeForce GTX 965m with 2GB VRAM. Or the 970m 3 GB of GDDR5 VRAM.

The higher end models come with the Intel Core 17 4710HQ processor which is slightly slower than that of the Y50. But, these model can either have the GTX 970m with 3 GB of GDDR5 VRAM or the AMD Radeon R9M295x with 4 GB of VRAM or the GTX 980m also with 4 GB of GDDR5 VRAM.

The display option include a FHD matte display which dell says can output 300 nits of brightness, or the 4K display with 350 nits of brightness and a touchscreen you can select between a 1TB 5400 hard drive and 128,256 and 512 gig SSDs. Also, the device can be configured with up to 8 or 16 GB of 1600 MHz memory. But if the top shelf GTX 980m isn’t enough to satisfy you, then, there is an Alienware graphics amplifier which, in my opinion is the unique selling point of this machine. You also have to pay seperatly for a graphic card or you can order the ampliphier with a graphic card for extra. Think about it this way, when you are up and about, the dedicated GPU inside the laptop will suffice you, but when you are in the comfort of your house and want some more housepower, the graphic ampliphier will give you desktop level performance since it uses desktop GPU’s to power it. There is a 460 Watt power supply, so most referance cards and many cutom cards will work just fine. Just make sure that the TDP listed on the graphics car dis less than or equal to 460 Watts. If you are looking for a 2000 dollars gaming laptop, then you can pick up the entry level or midrange Alienware 15 buy the ampliphier and pop in a decent graphics card and get some of the best on desk gaming performance a laptop can offer.

03-MSI GT80 titan :

A big machine, both in terms of size and power no nonsense of external graphics cards. All horsepower is within this machine itself. So, the only thing it shares in common with other devices on this list is the Intel Core i7 4720HQ processor.

For the graphics card, we are looking at the highest end mobile graphics card money can buy. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 980m. And not just one like the Alienware 15, MSI has actually crammed 2 of these beasts in SLI configuration.

What’s more, each of them has 8 GB of GDDR5 VRAM. But of course effective VRAM in SLI will still be 8 GB despite the fact that the total amount of memory is 16 GB. But, do you know what’s the unique selling point of this notebook ? that’s its keyboard. It comes with a steel series keyboard, which is not uncommon for a gaming notebook, but this is no ordinary steel series keyboard. It’s a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches and a standard keycap height taht is incredible. Of course, this is a very very big and heavy machine, at 9.9 pounds you are not going to be carrying a machine that weighs 9.9 pounds everywhere unless, you are a weight lifter ! of course that has to do with how big this machine is as well its an 18.4 inch laptop. There are coputer monitors that are 18.4 inches in diagonal. Of course they had to go for such a big screen to cram inside so many components yet make them upgradable. There are 4 RAM slots that can be upgradable for a possible 32 GB of RAM and there are 5, yes 5 hard drive bays you can have a theoretical internal storage of 5TB on this machine or run configurations with MSI’s super raid 3, which combines 4SSD speeds for a theoretical write speed of 1600 MB/second that is fast, really fast. Not only that, MSI values the investment you put into buying this machine and will be offering an upgrad to the graphics card when Nvidia releases the sucessir to the GTX 980m. that’s just phenominal, the device comes with an 18.4 inch FHD matte IPS LCD display of course, a 4K one would have been nicer considering the jaw dropping price of this machine. It’s a great machine for those that do most of their gaming on the desk but want their machine to be a little bit more portable than a desktop that they can carry around.

02-MSI GS30 Shadow :

Every gamer have dreamt of a gaming ultrabook. This device aims to provide that but, with a twist. So the MSI GS30 Shadow has an Intel Core i7 4870HQ processor.

for graphics, we have the Intel Iris Pro 5200, which according to MSI, delivers better performance to the Nvidia GT830m graphics chip. Wait, what a laptop with only integrated graphics is doing on a list of best gaming laptops ?? Well, here’s the interesting bit, just like Alienware, MSI offers a gaming dock with support for a desktop graphics card. So without the dock, this device is just a laptop with little graphical abilities of its own. But it’s not just any ordinary laptop, it’s an ultrabook !!! yes you heard me right, an ultrabook with an Intel Core i7 4870HQ and not an ultra low power ULV Cpu. Just imagine, a 47 Watt CPU, fitted in a 19.88mm chasis and weighing only 2.65 pounds, that’s lighter than the Macbook Air. Yet signifiantly more powerful. Infact, MSI claims the CPU is over 150% faster than an Ultrabook ULV CPU. Well, there’s gotta be a catch right ? the only catch i can see is battery life. You might not get more than 4 hours with this machine since the CPU itself consumes so much power. The dock that comes with this device actually has 2 advantanges over that of Alienware : First, it comes included at no extra cost sans the graphics card of course. And Second, it has slots for extra hard drives, which makes perfect sense since you will need more space than the internal SSDs for your games.

Speaking of the internal SSD, it can be configured in Raid 0 for really fast speeds.

The display is non touch, which is a big bummer since without the dock, this device is supposed to be an ultrabook and ultrabooks generally have touchscreens. It’s full hd though and it’s matte, soi t should be decent outdoors. The device can accept a maximum of 16 GB of Ram.

Overall seems like a really great device. This is a great machine for those looking for a really powerfull ultrabook. But can put up with the battery life and lack of a touchscreen. Also for those looking for a laptop desktop hybrid. An ultrabook when you want it, a desktop when you need it that’s pretty cool.

01-Razor Blade 14 :

They claim, that it is the worlds lightest and thinnest 14 inch gaming laptop which might be the headline key feature for you, the 14 inch size might be perfect for you if you think that the 15.6 inch Alienware and Y50 is too big for you and the 13.3 inch MSI GS30 Shadow is too small for you. It’s just 0.66 inch thick. Even thinner than the Macbook Pro while not the thinnest out there, it’s nonetheless impressive considering what Razor has been able to fit in that space it weighs about 4.47 pounds for the touch model and 4.19 pounds for the non touch model. Speaking of touch and non touch, we have 2 display options on the Blade 14 : One, is a 14 inch matte IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 with no touch.

While the other is a 14 inch Sharp IGZO panel with a resolution of 3200 by 1800 also knows as Quad HD+, this model does have touch however unlike its Full HD counterpart. Again, as i said with the Lenovo Y50, scaling is going to be a problem and games cannot be driven smoothly at that resolution with the internal hardware of this machine. So unless, you realy need touch or have some extra money to burn, you are going to be better off with the Full HD model.

inside the machine is an Intel Core i7 4720HQ processor and for graphics, all models have the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970m.

So, while this is not the most powerful gaming laptop, not even the most powerful on this list, the GTX 970m is no slouch 1080p gaming should be just fine at moderate settings. The QHD+ models have 16 GB of RAM with the 1080p models getting only 8 GB. Design, however is the unique selling point of this device, it’s a piece of art ! also this is further exemplified by the use of green.

In the Razor logo and in the backlight of this machine it doesn’t look as flashy as a gaming laptop. It’s subtle and elegant.

So that’s it for today if you found it helpful please do like, comment, share and leave your opinion, let me know your feedback and suggestions

which of the laptop above did you like ?

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