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Installous Alternatives: A Look At How You Can Get Apps Without Installous

Updated on March 24, 2013

Update: Installous has been shutdown, with the team at deciding to call it a day. With Installous gone, users cannot install IPA files from the app anymore. Note that even the repo is now dead and you'll have to rely on other alternatives.

Installous, if you're not aware of it already, is a popular jailbreak app to download apps from various sources other than the App Store. If you are looking for cracked apps to try (before purchasing them), It is probably the only source you need.

Installous has been updated more recently (to 5.0.4) to work with iOS 6 devices. It's available from Cydia (under the repo) and can be installed on all jailbroken devices that run Cydia.

Installous Repo:

The Problem: Frequent Errors

Installous has been a great app to find and use apps before purchasing them from the App Store. Over the years, it has worked wonders for a lot of people and has generated a huge fan following. However, with recent updates to iOS, there have been a few compatibility issues. Folks at fixed them but errors like the Invalid IPA and Unavailable API keep cropping up once in a while.

Further, some users haven't been able to use Installous at all because the downloaded IPA files don't work, or the program refuses to open.

Alternatives to Installous: The Best Solution

So when you try to look for solutions, Installous alternatives come up as the first (and probably the only) way out. Thanks to a lot of credible work in the field, a lot of alternatives are available for Installous. We'll take a look at a few prominent ones that have worked well and continue to work well.

The basic idea or principle is to download IPA files and then have a program like iFile or iFunbox install it directly to your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device. It basically waters down to getting IPA files and installing them.

#1: IPA Search
IPA Search is like a cakewalk. You simply point your mobile browser to IPA Search and find the app you need. Download the IPA file from there ('angry birds', 'tomtom', 'temple run' etc.) and then use iFunbox to install the IPA file on your iPhone.

#2: AppCake
AppCake is an essential Installous Alternative if you're looking to get all features of Installous through another app. Appcake comes from the iPhoneCake repo ( and works pretty much the same way as Installous. The only exception is that a lot of users find that this one works without much trouble in iOS 6 and later.

#3: vShare
What was App VV became vShare but it's the same thing as Installous: lets you find and install IPA files of various apps. vShare has a pretty decent interface - much interesting than Installous if you prefer a sense of minimalism and neatness to the feature-rich Installous interface. vShare is available as a directly download at

#4: IPA Installer Console
IPA Installer Console is a console-type tweak from Cydia which helps you install IPA packages. This is only for the hackers who wish to go command-mode in the terminal. If you have IPA files downloaded already (from sources like, and can speak shell, you'll find IPA Installer Console to be much easier. IPA Installer Console is on the BigBoss repo.

#5: i-Funbox
i-Funbox is an undeniably fantastic alternative which is much more packaged than anything else out there. However, it's not a phone-specific app. It runs on your computer and you'll need to play around with folders and drag-drop. Needless to say, it's one of our favorite alternatives to Installous.

Videos on Installous Alternatives

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    • profile image

      burek 4 years ago

      alweays when i press on vshare it don't wont to load , can someone help me pleassee

    • profile image

      azeem sam 4 years ago

      how I can iweb camera app install in my iphone 3g

    • profile image

      aditya 4 years ago

      Can someone help me to get alternative of installous... plss...

    • profile image

      raj kumar 4 years ago

      nice sharing thanks for this

    • profile image

      nick 4 years ago

      i tried adding hackulo in my source but it keeps giving me error. i ve an iphone 5 with iOS 6.1.2 . Is there any other alternative.

      Thank you in advance.

    • profile image

      Makoru 4 years ago

      I also have AppCake install before so...l hmmm

    • profile image

      Osman 4 years ago

      Yes best alternative to waste your time

    • profile image

      Makoru 4 years ago

      Well, today I just try it again and it work - without fix nothing at my end

    • profile image

      Sams[theman] 4 years ago

      You guys have to add the source in order to get vshare , just did it pretty slow app overall

    • profile image

      Makoru 4 years ago

      So, how vShare will work at the end? Any advise?

    • profile image

      ali 4 years ago

      already downoaded the AppVV but unable to install via Installous. please help

    • profile image

      Confused 4 years ago

      As Hooman posted earlier, Hackulos repo and Installous have been taken down now so how does one obtain V share without it????

    • profile image

      Adam 4 years ago

      Or, you could just shut down your wifi/data and use installous to install googled ipa's from installous.

    • profile image

      Omar 4 years ago

      thanks dear for your detailed explanation.

      I have one question if you can help me with , where can I find the "DOWNLOADS" in the last step. I bought Ipad2 about 5 days ago and I am not so familiar with it.

      Best regards

    • profile image

      Hooman 4 years ago

      But you can not add hackulo or installous as of yesterday so how can you add V share without it