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The Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Accessories

Updated on November 7, 2011

From Galaxy S2 cases to Samsung car kits, we will bring you some of the best Samsung Galaxy S2 accessories to help you make the most out of the fastest smart phone of 2011!

Introduction to the Best Samsung Galaxy S2 Accessories

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is by far one of the best smart phones to appear in 2011. It is incredibly fast, hugely powerful, and outclasses all the competition.Despite that, it still has its weaknesses, and a few of the best Samsung Galaxy S2 accessories can help get rid of those, and make the Galaxy S2 one of the most perfect cell phones ever made!

The right accessories for your Samsung Galaxy S2 can help provide additional functionality and help improve the what it can already do.

These accessories are not just to improve your phones functionality, things like car kit accessories also provide extra safety when you are driving. An increasing number of accidents are now occuring because drivers are looking down at their phones, not up at the road!

Important Information

Before I start really talking about the accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S2 I think it is important to make sure that you always look to make sure that your accessories fit your version of the Galaxy S2.

The Galaxy S2 varies from carrier to carrier and country to country, so please make sure that before you buy an accessory you make sure it is compatible with your device.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Accessories
Samsung Galaxy S2 Accessories

Which Accessories are Best for You?

While all of these Samsung Galaxy S2 accessories can add more to your smart phone, chances are you won't need them all. The best way to get the most out of your phone is to choose the accessories you really need, without cluttering things up so bad your phone becomes dead weight.

When you are buying accessories for your Galaxy S2 one essential part of your purchase must be a Samsung Galaxy S2 Case.. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great smart phone, but it is also an expensive one. A little protection can go a long way, so make sure you have a case and a screen protector to keep your phone safe.

When you have the perfect accessories for your Galaxy S2 you will not believe how much easier it is to use your phone. Try to use your phone without them afterwards and you may find it difficult!

Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases

Choosing the right case for your phone not only helps you protect your Galaxy S2 from harm, but it also allows you to personalize how it looks.

While it is important that you add a litlte protection to your smart phone to protect from drops, knocks and sharp taps. It is amazing how even a thin piece of silicone can prevent damage if your phone slips. The good news is that it can also help stop your phone from slipping. The shiny exterior the Galaxy S2 is amazing, but it is also hard to hold on to sometimes

A phone case can help protect your Samsung Galaxy S2, personalize it, and keep it safe in your hands. Best of all, you can get some of the best Galaxy S2 cases for a low price, and a high quality!

Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Protector

A screen protector is a great way to protect the screen of your Galaxy S2 from scratches and shattered glass. The good news is that while these are essential for most phones, the Samsung Galaxy S2 uses 'Gorilla Glass' which is incredibly resistant to both scratches and shattering.

However, screen protectors do come at a very cheap price, usually a couple of dollars to $10 a pack depending on the quality, and they do provide a little extra protection against screen damage. For this cost it is often still worth adding a Galaxy S2 screen protector, if for nothing else making it so you may have to replace a $10 piece of plastic and not a $250 screen.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Car Kit

There are plenty of Galaxy S2 car kits available to choose from, so you might want to check out my Samsung Galaxy S2 car kit list. A car kit is essential if you use your phone a lot when driving. Driving while texting, talking, or fiddling with your phone is a surprisingly common cause of accidents,

A car kit can help reduce the risk of accidents caused by mobile distractions and make it easier to use your phone while driving. Whether you want to use your Galaxy S2 for Sat Nav or phone calls, make sure you do it on a car kit while driving.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Bluetooth Headsets

A portable alternative to a car kit is a Samsung Galaxy S2 bluetooth headset. These can just as easily be used in the car for phone calls, and is also useful when you are on the move. Bluetooth headsets are discreet, small and have a great clarity.

While Bluetooth headsets are commonplace, they are not for everybody. They are however easy to keep stowed until you need them!

While Bluetooth headsets used to be expensive, they have been dropping significantly in cost over the last few years. This makes Bluetooth headsets a cheap solution for hands free phone use!

Samsung Galaxy S2 External Battery

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a decent battery life by itself, but despite this it still suffers from the smart phone curse of daily charging. If you regularly go on long business or personal trips, then this battery life simply might not be enough. The good news is that there are some fantastic external batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S2 that provide plenty more juice to keep things going when you are on the road!

Most external battery packs can double, triple and even quadruple your battery life. Most Samsung Galaxy S2 external battery packs are slim line and well designed, so don't add significant bulk to your phone. One thing you may notice however is an increase in weight when the battery is charged.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Memory Cards

The Galaxy S2 uses MicroSD memory cards, and the good news is there are plenty of fantastic MicroSD cards around that can provide you with up to 32GB extra storage.

An additional 32GB is more than enough storage for most smart phone users,and if you want you can cut costs a little and get an 8GB or 16GB MicroSD to get what you need without going overboard.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Dock

A Samsung Galaxy S2 dock is perfect for any desk for either charging or data transfer. Multimedia docks for the Samsung Galaxy S2 help you get the most out of your device when you use it as part of your office, or home desk setup.

Multimedia docks vary a lot, but you can generally find one that suits your style and look good. You can also sometimes find docks that provide TV connections to make the most of the high definition capability of the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Office docks generally charge your phone and allow USB data transfer. These are a great way to keep your phone fully charged especially when constant communication is critical.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      In my opinion Galaxy is the best phone out there. Samsung generally known for their displays, no exception here. This device comes with a beautiful display.


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