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Best Android L Material Design Apps on Google Play Store

Updated on September 28, 2014

Google unveiled its material design concept with pomp and colour during the 2014 Google I/O developers conference. Developers have been frantically trying to interpret the new concept as best as they can.

Some interpretations of the material design concept have been at best lacklustre and at worst disastrous.

This is not to say there aren't any respectable material design apps coming from developers. In fact, some applications developed using the new concept have been so good that Google has show-cased them in the App Store.

We look at the best Android L apps that have got the material design concept right --colours, design, appearance et al.

Beautiful Material Design Apps -- According to Google

Google liked these applications so much that it had to highlight them in its App Store. This is because they capture the spirit and philosophy of material design -- thoughtful creations that exemplify attention to detail.

These applications interpret the thinking behind this concept -- simplicity, speed, clarity and functionality.

Gogobot - City & Travel Guide

This award winning travel guide app has actually nailed it when it comes to material design. Anyone on the go wanting up-to-date information on where to go, eat and a raft of other traveller needs will find the app convenient and easy to use.

Whether you are an experienced or new user, you will not fail to notice the brighter colours and large images -- a feature that works well for its intended function. The new look Gogobot will surely enhance the user experience as you go about looking for fun things to do.

Vivino Wine Scanner

This highly functional app will turn you into a wine sommelier in no time. If you are not sure of the wine you are taking or just want some more in depth information, just take a photo of the bottle and Vivino will tell you in seconds what it is.

Vivino will even build up a database of wines you have scanned in the past for ease of future recognition. What is even more amazing about this app is that it will learn your preferences and use those to make recommendations based on your location, mood and food.

This has always been an amazing app and material design implementation just makes it even better to use. Navigation is intuitive with this Android L user interface. Appearance is more enhanced and there is now a wider range of colour palettes to chose from.

Yahoo News Digest

This app brings the latest news right to your smart device in an simple yet powerfully functional user interface. News consumption becomes easier on the eyes with wonderful colours and sophisticated fonts.

The Yahoo News Digest apps has gone out of its way to beautifully interpret and implement the Android L UI concept in a way that enhances "user experience" -- an almost trite phrase with Google these days.

In a fast moving world where there appears to be never enough time for anything, Yahoo News Digest has improved to bring news snippets in a palatable and exciting way. Everything just looks and works so well -- colours, navigation and overall experience is great. No wonder Google had to show-case this app in its store.

FlightTrack 5

Any traveller knows the importance of up-to-date information on the go. FlightTrack gives all the information needed for planning your flights in one place. In line with the new Android L user interface, the app has been redone to be even better at doing its job.

So what is so good with it that Google had to show-case it in a separate page in the Google Play Store? It has taken full advantage of the way Android L handles notifications -- you are now able to get push notifications with flight updates without leaving the app.

Better still, the app now has a search feature that allows you to track multiple flights by route or number, create travel plans and monitor the flights in real time. There are many other useful features in this app but the best in terms of appearance must be the maps.

Maps shown through this app appear as normal satellite images as well as weather radar maps. You will be shown flight paths and gate statuses from over 3000 airports around the world.


The number one resource for football information in the world has also been redone with the material design concept in mind.

It is becoming clear that apps which require constant updating are benefiting the most from the Android L user interface. This is because Android L makes it possible to access your push notifications without exiting your current app.

FIFA app not only looks much better than the earlier version, it also works far much better. Updates are more frequent and accurate and take up far less system resources -- a defining advantage of the new OS.


Studies have shown that people remember things better when strong imagery used to present learning materials. That must have been the motivation for this learning app to switch to the material design user interface look.

The user interface lends itself to simplicity and elegance veiled in beauty. The colours and fonts are clear, realistic and sophisticated at the same time. Lumosity presents learning concepts and material using strong and colourful images.

Moving around the app and interacting with notifications has been made flawless using the new UI. All these new improvements will only serve to make this very useful application even better -- a clear reason Google just loves it.


Learning a new language can be a drag and many people shy away from it due to perceived difficulties. Duolingo was designed to make learning any new language effortless and fun. It has gained a huge following due to the simplicity of acquiring new languages within a very short time.

In fact, the app has been voted the "Best of the Best" (2013) by the Google Play Store -- a clear vote of confidence. Been featured in a new section of the Play Store that celebrates material design is another indication of the esteem with which it is held by the Big G.

Expect your experience with Duolingo to be even better in the new user interface. Better navigation, better appearance and most definitely better user experience.


This app makes it very easy to follow your favourite TV series without worrying of ever missing out on an episode. Like most of the apps highlighted here, the one feature that set it apart from other apps is the fact that it needs constant updating.

Whether you are using a smartphone or a tablet, the information is presented in a clean, crisp and easy-to-use way. navigating around your notifications of the latest episodes and series updates has never been easier with this app.

However, there is one serious oversight that we hope will be corrected in the coming updates. The watch tab - which shows you a list of episodes you haven't finished watching - should be included. This will work well for user experience as one will be able to tell how many episodes are remaining before the end of the show.


This app must have been included in the initial list of early adopters of the material design user interface because of two things -- big images and a stylish UI. These two are important hallmarks of Android L UI and the way this has done it must have been what Google intended.

Just like the other apps, Airbnb is looking and working much better. Now discovering and interacting with all the information is faster, cleaner and less stressful.

Runtastic PRO

With the raising importance of Android Wear apps, Runtastic was not going to be left behind in moving to the user interface design. It only makes sense that it does so -- smart watch apps need to give the right information in a clear manner at the right time.

Simply presented yet rich information will be a must with smart wear. This is because user do not want to be overwhelmed with meaningless information.The app comes with so many useful features that it behoves you to take a look at it in the Play store.

Which is the best Material Design App on Android L?

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