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Best Budget Gaming Laptop

Updated on February 11, 2015

When we play games, we just enter into the characters of games and behave as such. Game grips you and binds in its thrill. At every step your heartbeat is increased and your hand moves swiftly with the character in the game.

Games if played in good laptop , enhances your gaming experience .Other benefit of laptop are that they are easy to carry and use. For gamers, however there are number of laptops available in the market, so it becomes very difficult for them to choose the best one. So for their help, I am giving here best gaming laptop under $1500.

best gaming laptops

ASUS Republic of Gamers

If you are gaming freak, this machine is for you. As asus is the number one company in motherboard which is key item for any laptop. So from hardware side, you are safe. If I will say anything about this laptop then I will say it is amazing laptop with terrific performance. The most important feature this laptop is that it packs nearly all the features found in costly laptops with half the price. Performance wise it compares with all the leading gaming laptop player and gives them tough fight.

Asus-Republic-of-gamers-laptop | Source

It has matte finish body which gives it attractive look .Keyboard is large and uses chiclet design.Nvidia gtx graphics card gives vibrant graphics with minimum noise. Therefore you can play all the graphic intensive games like Battlefield 3 or skyrim with ease. It has 17 inch big screen which is just fit for playing any type of game. It weighs only 8.7 pounds which is quite right considering the specification of laptop. Other most important ingredients of any gaming laptop is its processor. So Asus loaded this laptop with most advanced i7 processor which just suitable for gamers, 3d viewing and highly complex works.


Processor-Intel i7 processor with 2.4GHz speed


Hard disk-750gb

screen size-17.3 inch

Nvidia gt 660m 2g gddr5

Resolution-1920 X1080

HP Pavilion dv6

Although HP laptops are not expected to produce gaming laptop, but it seems HP understood the gaming potential of market and came out with laptop that can be used for gaming other than office related work. It has best specification laptop with low price. Actually it is notion among gamers that dear laptop is very good for gaming, but HP dv6 laptops will force you to change your view. Although HP dv6 laptop doesn’t flaunt itself as gaming laptop but with its configuration, it tough fights to other.

HP Laptop
HP Laptop | Source


Intel core 7 processor

Ram -8gb

Hard drive-750gb

Grapchic card-NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

Screen size-15.6 inch

With 1920X1080 resolution, it gives you 1080 pixel at every inch which means super detailed display. It stylish finish near keyboard and touchpad looks very beautiful. The latest i7 processor is more than enough for your gaming experience and gives terrific performance. Other than that,In gaming laptops graphics card are also required to give true colour and graphics required in games. So HP here used NVDIA getforce graphics card that is known for their quality among gamer circle and will not let you down with its superb performance. It also uses Intel graphic to minimize graphics work when you are not playing any game. Above all, Surprisingly it has battery power which last 4-5 hours which laudable in comparison to other gaming laptops.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer

When you buy first Samsung product, say mobile. It’s perfect looks and functioning just spell magic on you and motivates to buy more Samsung product. It is called halo effect and Samsung is expert in it. Whatever Samsung makes, makes it with utmost care and detail and that results in perfect product. Samsung series 7 is one of such brand among gaming laptop. It is known for giving high quality gaming experience. It usually has strong body and good look. When you hold it, its stylish design just beholds you.

Samsung-Series-7-Gamer-laptop | Source


Intel i7 processor

16gb ram


1.5TB Hard drive

screen size 17.3 inch

operating system-windows 7 home premium

i7 processor,gives it fast processing power which results in wonderful gaming experience. The 17.3 inch display with 1920 X 1080 resolution render super crisp clear picture. Keyboard are specially designed for game user and marked with red so that you easily detect it while playing games. The most amazing feature is its turbo cool technogy , which keeps it cool even if you are using it for long time. If you are consuming too much battery power like games and want to shift for other less battery intensive task, then it has 4 setting option for you like battery saving, gaming and other two are quite and balanced.

As you get it first time, it attracts and when you will start using, you will love it. Nvidia getforce gtx 675m graphics card gives you true colour and high performance whether you play starcraft 2 or Fallout 2.Games looks fine when played with good audio play in background ,so Samsung has loaded it with speakers and woofers which are built in it. It has 16gb ram which you will not find in any gaming laptop present.


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