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best budget graphics card

Updated on March 4, 2011

Hardware is getting cheaper and faster with every new generation. Newer graphics cards built on 40nm are cheap, consume less power and perform much better. Many are now see the benefits of having add on graphics cards and are finally upgrading from their onboard graphics.

The general price range for such first time users is about Rs6000. So, what are the things that should be considered when you are out to buy a graphics card? Well, here is what I keep in mind while selecting a graphics card:

  • My budget : decide how much you can spend on the whole upgrade and not only the graphics card,as you may need to upgrade other parts due to compatibility.
  • Performance : What kind of performance are you looking for? This is limited by your budget and current configuration. See if your current hardware will have a significant bottleneck on the performance of your graphics card or not.
  • Power consumption: This is very important, determine whether your power supply (SMPS/PSU) can power the system. The cheap PSUs that come with the cabinet are no good, so if you are getting a mid range card you will have to buy a new PSU too, which will add to the total cost.  

So, after considering all the above points, I figured the best card for under Rs 6000 would be an ATI 5670. 

For other options and a more detailed explanation as to why this card, please visit: 


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