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Best Business Software for Emails - Email clients for Windows

Updated on October 3, 2015

In the day and age when someone thousands of miles away from you is reachable through multiple means, the use of Email has become vital, almost essential in a way. Therefore companies have sought out to make their software's amongst the very best, this every growing and competitive market although at the moment dominated by a few major companies has room to grow.

Top Email Clients

  1. Yahoo! Mail

First and foremost signing up for Yahoo mail isn’t as laborious as other email software’s, the requirements include your name, gender, date of birth and postal code. Yahoo now offers direct logging it to your Facebook and Google accounts, this function thanks to Yahoo’s Open ID support helps in arranging your different accounts across the web. One of the main problems of Yahoo mail is its user interface; it lags behind other software's when it comes to simplicity alone. Gmail for example takes you directly to your inbox; Yahoo on the other hand would give you the hassle of first navigating through Yahoo News, keeping in mind that the basic aim of logging into your email is to check your inbox, this is something that can be very annoying.

  1. Gmail

From starting off virtually at the bottom it can be argued that over the years Gmail has become the leader in email software's, it easy to use style has prompted many people into shifting to Gmail, we will be looking at these points. Something, which goes in Gmail’s favor, is that it automatically arranges your threads, if someone messaged you a long time ago and then messages you again all the old conversations you have had with that person appear in front of you. Although this may not seem like something that you would boast about, many people have admitted that this easy to use style of Gmail was the deciding factor while they were picking email software's. Not only does Gmail offer its users 25MB capacity per every email you send, its storage capacity is 10GB, putting that into perspective it would take you close to six months to even use up half of the 1GB. Also another pulling factor for Gmail is that it does a great job in dealing with Spam mail, sometimes so good that your genuine email is also sometimes taken to the junk folder.

3. Hotmail (Windows Live Mail)

Hotmail is one of the oldest email software, and it is one of the most reliable and easy to use email software. The text editor is very rich and it allows for spams to be easily detectable. On the other hand, Hotmail has issues with maintaining folders and its junk mail filters are not as efficient as say, Gmail. We can also point out that Hotmail does not provide the service of digital signature and encryption of emails.

4. AOL Mail.

What would strike you first about the AOL is the fact that it is free, it has unlimited amounts of storage and its interface is genuinely of a good quality. The AOL also shines because it has an exceptionally good spam service, partnered by its rich interface this is definitely one of the best email software's out their in the digital world at the moment. However there are some points that do not go in the favor of the AOL, the fact that it does not have encryption or even thread messages is something, which is very disappointing. Also the AOL takes a hit when it comes to email search, where the thunderbird excels the AOL lags behind. Another problem with the whole package of the AOL is that the online support is tough to reach, which I have to say is a vast understatement, unlike Gmail you would have loads of trouble looking for online support which is puzzling to reach.

5. Mozilla thunderbird

Contrary to what many people have started to believe through the years, the desktop email client is in no way dead, the Mozilla thunderbird coincidentally does a good job in justifying that fact. What would really strike the users first is the speed of this software, Outlook users especially would notice the good levels of speed the thunderbird offers even when it is weighed down with many files. The thunderbird also excels in the most basic of tasks, with a good interface, improved security due to sensitive encryption and a good junk mail filter the thunderbird is a software which has its perks. The search bar and the interface of the thunderbird is in one word beautiful, it’s easy to use and its simplified layout ensures that using it is fun. Flexible, lightweight and powerful, the thunderbird is surely software, which is one for the future.

Other Good Email Software

  • Pegasus Mail
  • Mulberry
  • DreamMail

Whats is your favourite Email Client ?

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