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This Is Hands Down The Best Cell Phone Signal Booster For Your Car

Updated on August 1, 2013

Boost The Signal To Your Cell Phone In The Car And Never Fear Poor Call Quality Again

Did you know that you can easily boost the cell phone signal to your cell phone in the car without buying a fancy cell phone dedicated to the task? For the past two years I've been living in an area that gets poor coverage. I've been fighting with my phone to service and I've even found the best places to make calls and those to avoid. I actually learned that while at my parents house if I stand on a particular rock I get reliable coverage.

Luckily I've found that I don't need to keep jumping through these hoops to get reliable service. Cell phone reception can be enhanced by any one of these related items.

There have been decent cell signal boosters designed for the home for a while now and even a few vehicle models but the most recent car cell phone signal booster by Wilson Electronics is pretty amazing.

Unlike some older and clunkier models I think this cell booster looks exactly like any ordinary cell phone cradle that can be mounted to the dashboard like any other phone cradle. The difference though is that by connecting a small antenna to your cigarette lighter and then connecting that to the cradle most people experience cell signal improvements that are simply extraordinary.

What can You Expect?

My Signal Is So Much Better While Driving In The Mountains

Many people have reported finding full bars in places that are ordinarily considered to be dead zones for cell phone coverage. And for those daily long distance drivers having a better quality cell phone signal can mean easier conversations even in more remote or even mountainous areas.

For me, I love driving through the mountains south of town and not having to get off the phone along the way. Without one of these I'd always have to get off the phone for 10 minutes until I had gone over the mountain pass, now those calls don't have to be interrupted or scheduled.

This page is not meant to completely review Wilson's Cradle Booster but to give you the tools to find the right product for you. As you'll see lower on this page I've featured a number of viable alternatives to this cell signal booster as well as some related products designed for the home.

My Most Recommended Car Cell Signal Booster

Wilson Electronics Newest Mobile Phone Booster Is Best In Class For Cars

I'm a huge fan of this signal booster because it's so simple. It looks like my old cell phone cradle but it enhances the performance of it rather than just holding it. I also particularly enjoy telling people what it is - they are always interested.

Cell Phone Signal Cradle Booster for All Cell Phones w/ Mini Magnet Mount Antenna by Wilson Electronics

This thing mounts easily to any dash and works on any type of cell phone imaginable. It comes with the antenna and power adapter. Easy.

If you've ever wondered why people have little antennas mounted to the top of their cars they may be there to support one of these simple devices.

How These Devices Work

When I first started looking into cell signal amplifiers I was a little unclear how they worked. I first thought they would create a distorted version of the regular signal but in hindsight I found that by putting up a booster I would simply be overriding my phones antenna with a stronger antenna making it far easier to find and connect to the network. The following video is actually the one that made it clear to me how these things work.

This video by Wilson Electronics is their overview video on how their boosters work. This is not geared to any one product but does demonstrate generally how all their products work.

A Few More Top Rated Amplifiers For The Car

The unit featured above is my favorite and it is one of the best selling signal boosters of it's kind. Not only does it work well for cars but it also can be used in the home or office. You just have to use a USB port for power. I would probably keep mine in the car and use a dedicated cell signal booster for the home but in a pinch it will work.

Alternatively however, there are a number of competitors with excellent products on their own right. Some have higher or lower customer reviews in regards to satisfaction but many others are better designed for certain situations or uses. Also, some are simply cheaper. If you want something to boost the signal for the lowest cost possible then see the Wireless Extenders zBoost YX230 here or down below.

zBoost YX230 Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster for Automobiles and Other Vehicles (Silver)
zBoost YX230 Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster for Automobiles and Other Vehicles (Silver)

My parents live in a rural community in the mountains; this is terrible for my phones battery and service level. This booster relieves a lot of the stress on the device and provides adequate coverage.


Car Only?

I Find That Home Coverage Is Just As Important

If you've ever dropped a call on the road it is frustrating but it's never as annoying as dropping a call from your couch. I actually have a couple rooms in my home where I can't go into when I'm on my phone. If you're like me then you might want to take a look at home boosters too.

Have You Considered Second-Hand Auctions?

Stuff sold on Ebay tends to be either used or excess inventory being sold off by liquidation companies. Typically the products sold are in good condition and work just fine. What's the difference? You can usually save a good deal of cash. Here are some of the active Ebay listings for various Wilson Electronics car cell signal boosters.

Fight Spotty Cell Phone Coverage With High End Gadgetry

In addition to using one of these devices for the car you may want to consider getting a good multiple cell phone signal unit for the home. That way the whole family can benefit from improved calls and data transfers. For the car however I recommend picking up an antenna upgrade if your phone is not quite up to full bars.

You can read about related accessories and signal boosters on the following pages:

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