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Best Cell Phones for Elderly People

Updated on November 30, 2012

Best Cell Phones for Seniors

For those of us with older parents and loved ones, it's natural that we'd be curious about the best cell phones for the elderly. And as mobile technology evolves and grows, it's still important that everyone including seniors and the elderly be able to use them with ease.

Your Iphone may not be for your parent or grandparent, but there are still great mobile phones that are still able to keep them connected and in the loop. And with many people, including older people, doing away with the old antiquated land line, its more important than ever that they have a phone that's functional, with a display that is easy to read and use, along with a built in speaker device that is loud and comfortable enough to hear.

Luckily there are mobile phones out today that are designed for the senior in mind and has all the attributes to really make it the best cell phone for elderly and senior citizens.

Cell Phones Made Just for the Elderly and Seniors Can Keep Seniors Feeling Safe and Connected

The Ideal Attributes of the Best Cell Phones for Elderly People

  • A Brightly Visible Display
  • Larger and Well Separated Buttons for Easy Dialing
  • A One Button Emergency Call Feature
  • Exterior Brightly Colored to Easily Identify
  • Senior Friendly Apps, Like a FM or AM Radio

The Doro 410 - Consumer Cellular Phone

This flip phone for seniors packs a powerful punch when it comes to meeting all of the criteria for being a great phone for an elderly person. On top of which, buying this phone allows you to sign up for a great monthly pre-paid plan and receive an AARP discount under Consumer Cellular. For the senior that is text savvy, this phone also enables one to do text messaging.

The Doro 410 is also outfitted with an SOS feature, whereby you can program emergency numbers to enable one button calling.

On the downside, this isn't a phone that you can take to any provider, otherwise known as unlocked.

SnapPhon - Unlocked - Take SIM to AT&T and T-Mobile

The SnapPhon does just what it says it does and can snap to AT&T or T-Mobile. That is to say, you can easily purchase this phone and just insert your existing AT&T and T-Mobile SIM into it for fast and easy use or you can sign up for a new service plan at purchase. This phone is equipped also with SOS dialing to enable your older loved one to program up to 4 numbers in it for easy one button emergency dialing.

Also the SnapPhon for seniors comes in black as pictured below. The keypad display is also attractive. Some senior mobile phones of the past had some not so visually pleasing designs. But this SnapPhon is very ergonomic and sure to please your parent, grandparent or other older loved one.

The Just5 Mobile Phone for Seniors - Introducing the Emergency Response System (PERS) Technology

This Just5 Mobile Phone comes in some really nice colors including black, white, orange and red. The styling though resembles that of the SnapPhon and can even be used on mobile networks like T-Mobile and AT&T, when you plug in your own SIM. The large button and well spaced keypad is similar to that of the SnapPhon and the Doro.

But what's really nice on this phone is that it's equipped with the PERS (Emergency Response System) function which allows an elderly person to call into a dispatched center with just one press of a button, if help is needed. The PERS technology is what the medic alert systems are equipped with.

There is also a large amplified speaker on this device as well, which is a nice plus not found in the other previous senior mobiles.

The Jitterbug Phone for Seniors - The "J" Mobile Gets a New Look

The jitterbug mobile phone is one of the oldest companies which supplied devices for seniors and the elderly. The "J" mobile gets an updated styling, but the classic features that seniors have loved over the years is still there. This phone also comes with a LiveNurse feature which provides unlimited health advice from a live nurse.The updated "J" model also comes in silver, graphite and red.

What is Your Experience with these Senior Mobile Phones?

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    • ComfortsOfHome profile image

      ComfortsOfHome 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for this! My mother just asked me about helping her to choose a simple cell phone made for seniors and I had no idea where to start.

    • profile image

      johnsja 5 years ago

      Great lens. So many phones are too small for seniors.