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Best Quality Cheap On Ear Headphones 2012

Updated on September 18, 2014

Top On Ear Budget Headphones

Choosing a high quality on ear headphone at inexpensive price can become tricky sometimes because you need to assess its price, sound quality, your requirement and comfort. Some headsets excel in some areas. Some are good at music and some at movies, DJ, Games and other genres. Here, we tried to cover headphones which work well in all previously mentioned categories. If one headset is very good at something, we'll also mention it so you can easily make a buying decision.

Rankings of headsets in this article are based on four important factors: Comfort, Sound Quality, Build Quality and Price.

Comfort is very important for this type of gadget because you'll be using these for hours, therefore, we're going to make sure that our selected headphones headbands don't put any pressure on your head and padded material is comfortable.

Sound quality needs to be excellent because this is the main reason you buy them. Material used in manufacturing these devices should be good for durability. They must not crack even after rough use. Pricing is also an important factor because there's no point in buying a product if it's not a best bang for your buck.

Why On Ear Over In Ear and Over The Ear Headsets?

Some of you might be thinking that what headphone should i get? All categories have its pros and cons but if you don't want to compromise on sound quality then on-ear headphones usually work far better than in-ear ones. They also reduce ambient noise. If you're a professional who works in sound recording studios then you should go for over-the-ear headset because ambient noise is minimal in over-the-ear. Amateurs usually use on ear headsets because listening experience while running, skating, playing video games, watching movies and listening to music is brilliant. Video games lovers also prefer these because they come with wonderful audio processing algorithms which let you better understand the situation in games.

On-Ear offer lower profile in comparison to full-size over-ear designs and they also offer some ambient noise. Due to some ambient noise, it's well suited for sports and other activities in which situational awareness is necessary.

SOL Republic Tracks HD On Ear Headphone
SOL Republic Tracks HD On Ear Headphone

SOL Republic Tracks HD On Ear Headphones

SOL Republic Tracks HD has all the features which you can expect from an excellent headset. These are very well made and sound quality is just outstanding. Audiophiles will definitely love this. Most importantly, the price is under $200 and just above $100 which is quite reasonable and after purchasing this product, you would be very happy with your investment. Instead of highly priced beats, these are much better.

Mids and Highs of this on-ear headphone are really great. Bottom end bass or lows are also nice. Both drivers (speakers) are removable which means that you can also use them comfortably as two portable speakers. The headband uses plastic but it's very hard plastic and it seems almost indestructible. The pleather on the ear pillows is very comfy and it fits snugly on your ears. The carrying case with padded fabric comes really handy during travelling.

Lightweight and comfortable design

In-line microphone and 3-button remote control which works fabulously well with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Microphone works with almost all Android and Blackberry phones

Polymer material will result in exceptional durability

Drivers come with deep bass, excellent highs and mids, decent lows and good vocal clarity

Check SOL Republic Tracks HD On Ear Headphone Price

Sennheiser Closed Back On Ear Headphone
Sennheiser Closed Back On Ear Headphone

Sennheiser HD25-1 II Closed-Back

When it comes to headphones, Sennheiser is definitely one of the best. This closed-back headset provides excellent noise isolation which means that it'll work very well for cameramen, studio environment, DJ or even casual use. In-fact, it's suitable for all the places where there's too much background noise. You can also use it while working out in gym or during travelling. In short, these are studio-level quality headphones. Some of you might be worried about its plastic construction but don't worry it's pretty solid and durable.

At the start they might feel uncomfortable on your head but after using it for some time the headband will mold to your head. The sound quality is just fabulous with excellent highs, mids and lows.

Extremely Lightweight

Works very well in high noise environment

Crystal Clear Sound

Compatible with MP3, iPod, DVD, CD players, iPad, Android tablets and mobile phones with 3.5mm jack plug

Comes with carrying bag and 1 pair of soft ear pads

Rotatable capsule for one ear listening

Check Sennheiser HD25-1 II Closed-Back Price

Philips O'Neill SHO8800/28 Headset
Philips O'Neill SHO8800/28 Headset

Philips O'Neill SHO8800/28 Headset

Under $50, Philips O'Neill on ear headphone is a great product at great price. Noise cancellation is quite decent and sound quality is very good for the money you're going to spend on it. They fit snugly on your head because headband is adjustable. Soft ear cushions are used by this product to avoid discomfort. You can also fold these flat for easy storing and carrying. The cable with the headset is detachable which separates itself to avoid breakage when you accidentally move away from the device.

Discontinued By Manufacturer

Grado Prestige Series SR80i Headphone
Grado Prestige Series SR80i Headphone

Grado Prestige Series SR80i Stereo Headphone

Whatever you'll hear on Grado Prestige Series SR80i on-ear headphone, it'll sound crisp, crystal clear and balanced. It's perfect for classical, jazz, rock or any other type of music. It also works flawlessly with movies, games and other activities. Grado offers many good quality headsets but this is one of the best for only under $100.

The headband is manufactured with soft vinyl and it's adjustable. People with small, average or large head wouldn't find any problem using it. Sound of this product is so clear that you can even distinguish between musical instruments and you can even hear artist breathing. Ear-pads use very soft cushioning so your ears don't get sore even after extended use.

Discontinued from Manufacturer

Sennheiser PX 100-II Mini Headphone
Sennheiser PX 100-II Mini Headphone

Sennheiser PX 100-II On Ear Miniheadphone

Sennheiser PX 100-II has qualities which you wouldn't even find in many expensive headphones. Audio quality is fabulous with exceptional highs and mids. On low bass the drop-off is very minimal. Open on-ear design is very comfortable to use. You can't get better product than this for $50 price range.

Thicker Steel-reinforced headband will provide exceptional durability. Single-sided cable makes sure that you get tangle-free experience. It's compatible with MP3 players, iPod, iPhone, notebooks and other equipment which have headphone plug. For such a low cost we highly recommend this durable and lightweight headset.

Lightweight, durable and portable designSingle sided cable offers tangle-free experienceVery good Sound QualityFold and clip design for worry free travellingCarrying pouch is also included for travelers

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