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Best Christmas Gifts for Canon Camera Owners

Updated on February 1, 2015

Welcome to my Holiday Gift Guide!

People who own Canon cameras tend to like them a lot. But those without them certainly do not. This Christmas season, reward Canon owners with a great accessory for their camera. It could be anything from an inexpensive filter to a telephoto lens. Your choices depend on the model of camera and your budget. Luckily, there are a huge number of excellent Canon camera accessories. There is certain to be at least one that will be the best Christmas gift for you to give.

There are many types of products to consider. They are available at all price points. Remember that Canon owners are likely passionate about their camera. Getting branded gear is great, but things to help them produce great shots are good too.

A Canon Owner's Review - ... of the EOS Rebel T1i Digital SLR Camera

As an owner of a Canon, I find that the camera works very well. In fact, any trouble taking photos has always been the result of operator error, not anything with the camera. The T1i is a smaller format camera than some of the professional models. It also uses more plastic. As a result, it is both lighter and more fragile than the larger units. The salesperson also warned that men can have trouble with the T1i controls. This has proven to be a non-issue.

The lighter weight of the camera is a bonus. The controls are easy to use, although there are many of them and learning each function takes time. Luckily, the T1i takes excellent photos in the automatic mode. The camera is easily upgraded with a wide variety of accessories. In addition to interchangeable lenses, the camera features lens filter threads. This allows any of a large number of filters to be used in order to adjust the photo quality. There are simply some things that cannot be done in the electronic studio, but instead are handled by filters. These are very inexpensive considering their usefulness. Just look for Canon 58mm filters.

The T1i takes better photos with either anti-glare or polarizing filters. The resolution of the shots is amazing. If the selector switch is set to "sports", the camera is extremely responsive, with practically no delay between shots. Perfect for photographing professional matches or capturing priceless antics of children.

Note that the T1i is a great camera but is priced very close to other very capable Canon models. It may be worth it to consider which model to purchase based on price and availability.

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Do You Have a Canon or Know Someone Who Does? - Happy holidays!

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