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Best Data Recovery For Quickbooks

Updated on September 25, 2014

The best data recovery procedure one can do to either retrieve files or delete corrupted files from QuickBooks is to try the following. Losing QuickBooks data files because of a system or software failure can be very damaging for any business. While problems such as these are quite rare, they do effect the need for businesses to perform regular backups of company files and data. If the business has backup files, then recovery methods such as rebuilding or removing any corrupted files can be done. Pdf To Word Converter software will come in handy for restoring your pdf files. If no backup file program exists, then unfortunately a more costly option will be necessary.

Rebuilding Files

You may be able to get QuickBooks to open but fail to access parts if not all of your data, rebuilding maybe able to solve this problem. Click "File," then "Utilities," and then click the "Rebuild Data button." Before QuickBooks starts the rebuild, you will need to perform a backup of the current data you have. QuickBooks will advise you to save this backup to a drive other than the one where you would normally use. Once the backup is fully complete, QuickBooks will attempt to locate and repair any corrupted files. When the process is complete, a small message box will appear and tell you that the rebuild is completed. Verify by clicking the file and then Utilities button, once you have done that then click "Verify Data." QuickBooks will proceed to check all files and will show a message stating either it found no problems or give you a list of any corrupted files you may have. If need be you can repeat the process if you still have corrupted files, as it will sometimes take QuickBooks two or three attempts to repair all files.

How To Uninstall Or Reinstall QuickBooks

 One must realize that uninstalling QuickBooks software means removing all files associated with QuickBooks. The purpose of this process is to remove both the data and installation files so therefore you have a clean slate should you choose to reinstall the software again. You cannot do this task from the Control Panels "remove programs option". If you choose to this option you will remove data files but not the installation files. Because of the fact that these installation files may be hidden therefore you will need to change their status and make them visible before removing. Finding the location where you can accomplish this task will be different if using Windows XP or Windows Vista, but once you make the hidden files visible, the principal is the same for both.

Using Windows XP Or Vista

If using Windows Vista, click the start button, then click computer and then organize, proceed to choose Folder and then Search Options, click on the view tab and then select show hidden files and Folders button.If you are using Windows XP the process is pretty much the same, right click on the start button, then choose explore, tools, and you will come to the folder options. OK, Click the "View" tab and then select "Advanced Settings." Place a tick in the "Show Hidden Files and Folders" box.Once you have done this all the hidden files and folders should be visible, you can now perform a search for QuickBooks application.

Deleting Files

Find files and delete them from your computer. It will be necessary to perform a search because not all the files you need to find are in the same location. If this is the case then proceed to click the Windows "Start" button and it should bring up a search box proceed to type in ".qbw" in the search box.Proceed to delete all these files to the Recycle Bin then restart your computer and if need be run the search again to confirm that all files have been deleted. You can now reinstall the software, from the "File" menu, then click "Open or Restore. You will need to Restore a Backup Copy and follow the instructions to restore all files. You will need to enter any missing data between the time of the last backup and the date of the failure. If all else fails then the best data recovery software may need to be done by a third party or find the best data recovery program on the net or go to the Microsoft website for further support.

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    • save my system profile image

      save my system 7 years ago from United Kingdom - London

      A registry backup recovery console is a valuable software program that can be used to run the command prompt and line utilities on your computer, this back up recovery software is used when you are not able get your lost data.