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Best Wizard and Demon Hunter Diablo 3 Gear for Inferno

Updated on January 13, 2015

Tips for Getting Maximum DPS for Wizards and Demon Hunters on Diablo III

I have level 60 characters on Diablo for a Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Monk. For this particular post I'll be talking about what gear is the best for Demon Hunters and Wizards. These two classes not only have the best DPS, but also since they are ranged are the best classes to farm inferno as of right now.

Choosing Your Gear

Gearing up for Demon Hunters and Wizards is slightly different because as a Demon Hunter you're preparing to get as much DPS as possible knowing that you'll get one shot from any mobs you come across while getting max discipline for smokescreen. Knowing this makes DPS and movement speed absolutely essential. In general the only thing that should be different about a wizard is that you'll want to have some vitality and resistances to go along with your energy armor. You can also choose to play a Wizard just like a Demon Hunter and go strictly DPS; however, if you wanted pure DPS you'd probably be better off with the Demon Hunter class in the first place. Below I'll go through each piece of equipment that I've purchased to show you what I've used to farm acts 3 and 4 of inferno.

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Diablo 3 Attributes that Increase Overall Damage

Terms to Know

Crit Hit Chance: As your chance to crit increases so does your overall DPS.

Crit Hit Damage: This is the total crit hit damage from your base that you'll do when you crit.

Improved Attack Speed: Allows you to attack more quickly. This stat can be somewhat confusing as it's not the same as raw damage, but it shows up that way on your character sheet.

Skill Modifier: For Wizards this is Intelligence and for Demon Hunters this is Dexterity. +100 to your skill modifier gives you +100% to all of your damage.

Demon Hunter Weapon with Crit Chance
Demon Hunter Weapon with Crit Chance

Getting Max DPS With Your Weapon and Offhand

Ideally you'd choose the weapon for your class that will give you the most DPS, but high DPS level 60 weapons are often pricey at the auction house. If you're just starting out in inferno I recommend you get the weapon with the highest DPS overall. Once you've saved a little cash go with one that has a socket next before you start looking for one with stat modifiers. In the socket you'll want to place an emerald which can add up to 100% to your overall crit damage! Ignore attack speed, for now, which increases the overall DPS shown on the auction house. You are better off with higher damage per attack.

For Demon Hunters: In my opinion you should go with a 2H crossbow. Not only are these cheaper, they also coincide with the Demon Hunter archery passive skill that gives you +50% crit damage. For your quiver try to get one with dexterity, increased attack speed, + to discipline, + crit hit chance, + hatred regen, and + to whatever skill you use. This will take a while so for now start with dexterity increased attack speed ant crit hit chance.

Wizards: If you use a 1 handed weapon and a source you can find one that increases your crit chance and has other important stats. For your source you'll eventually want one that has a base dps in excess of 300, crit chance increase of 8.5%, 100+ intelligence, and + to arcane power on crit. If you use arcane orb a lot you can also look for one that increases the crit chance of that as well.

Wizard Depth Diggers
Wizard Depth Diggers


Demon Hunter: Pants for a demon hunter are pretty basic. Try to get pants with 2 sockets and a base dexterity stat of over 170.

Wizard: Like the demon hunter you're going to want to find pants that have 2 sockets and as high of an Intelligence stat as you can find; however, if you can also get pants with additional base vitality and all resistances stats it's a good idea as well. Right now I'm using the Depth Diggers shown in the picture to the right.

Demon Hunter Natalya's Shadow
Demon Hunter Natalya's Shadow

Chest Armor

Demon Hunter: Ideally for chest armor you'd go with a high Dexterity Natalya's Shadow. Used in conjunction with the ring Natalya's mark you'll get a +7% Critical Hit chance increase. For most, this is far out of their price range so you'll want to look for chest armor that has a 160+ base dexterity along with 3 sockets.

Wizard: Go with chest armor that has a high intelligence base above 160 first with 3 sockets. After you get some cash find one that also has + resist all and vitality base stat.

Wizard Andariel's Visage
Wizard Andariel's Visage


For pure DPS you're going to want to go with Andariel's visage whether you're a wizard or a demon hunter. This piece of gear gives you + to attack speed and + crit chance on your helm. Because this is a legendary item and not a set item it can roll for dexterity or intelligence. Get the one that corresponds to your class.

Demon Hunter Alternative: If you don't have the cash for a good Andariel's Visage, then just go for a helm with high Dexterity. A helm with 200 dexterity is super expensive, so if you go with one that has 160+ Dexterity and a socket, then you'll probably get a better deal.

Wizard Alternative: Like the demon hunter you'll want max intelligence here; however, it may be beneficial to use an amethyst in the socket for additional life. When you have additional cash get one that has +resistance to all.

Demon Hunter Dexterity Belt
Demon Hunter Dexterity Belt


Demon Hunter: Find a belt with as high of dexterity as you can find. I believe they should go up to 200.

Wizard: Find a belt with as high of intelligence as you can find - later + to all resistances and vitality may also be important. I also try to incorporate a few pieces of armor with life regen as well. This may be a good piece for you to that with depending on what you have so far.

Demon Hunter Ring Cycle Feint
Demon Hunter Ring Cycle Feint


Demon Hunter: Ideally you'd want to find a high Dexterity Natalya's mark for the extra attack speed and crit chance, and bonus to crit chance that comes with Natalya's Shadow. For the other hand find a high dexterity ring with additional attack speed, crititcal hit damage, or critical hit chance.

Wizard: Rings are important for DPS. Like the Demon Hunter find one with high intelligence, additional attack speed, critical high damage, or critical chance.

Ridiculous Wizard Gloves
Ridiculous Wizard Gloves


Gloves are another crucial piece to the puzzle because of all the options you have for additional damage with them. For both Demon Hunters and Wizards your priority is to find one with increased attack speed, + crit damage, + Crit chance, and either dexterity or intelligence depending on your class.

Demon Hunter Bracers
Demon Hunter Bracers


Bracers can have up to a 6% increase in crit chance. Find some that have that as well as a high dexterity or intelligence roll. If you can get + to all resistances in addition to this, then you'll be even better off.

Wizard and Demon Hunter Amulet
Wizard and Demon Hunter Amulet


On your amulet you'll want to get + crit chance, damage, and attack speed. If you can get a + to a stat modifier for your class, then you're even better off. They exist, I just don't have one yet.


For shoulders you'll just want to get something with a high dexterity or intelligence roll along with vitality and + to all resistances.

Sage's Seekers
Sage's Seekers


Last, but not least are your boots. For Wizards I'd recommend you go with a high intelligence roll pair of Sage's Seekers. For maximum DPS for Wizards and Demon Hunters go with the Boj Anglers legendary item that gives you additional attack speed. Find one with the right corresponding stat.

What's the best class in Diablo 3?

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I'd love to know what you're build is and what you're using. Leave me a comment below. Comments are on approved delay.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      hey! loved your guides, the thing is i don't get enough gold to afford that, i see people farming a lot of different ways and i can't get a simple item to sell =P, i'd like to talk to you ingame, ask you some tips if you can...

      thanks! Rhaenn#1908

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Just as a heads up, the Lacuni Prowler bracers that add attack speed and movement speed are probably best in slot for pure DPS (besides a ridiculously good rare), if you can find ones with bonus dex(or int) and crit. The move speed is also excellent but no other bracer gives aspd.


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