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Best eBook Reader Apps for Android Devices

Updated on July 11, 2013

Best eBook readers apps


The Best eBook Reader Apps For Android Devices

Owing to the immense popularity of the android phones and the android tablets, people now enjoy broader functionality on these devices as more and more applications are developed. The android phones and android tablets are an excellent way to read eBooks and have been touted to provide the best experience in eBook reading. In fact Amazon Kindle which for a long time dominated the market has been improved into a tablet called the Kindle Fire. Owing to the eBook reader apps developed across this short period of time, the tablets and the android phones provide better and numerous options which enrich the eBook reading experience.

Let us have a look at the best eBook reader apps for android devices taking time to evaluate each eBook reader application to identify its features and the purposes that it is able to serve. Some of the remarkable sources of the apps are Amazon, Kobo, Aldiko and Barnes & Noble. Here are the best eBook reader apps for android devices in no specific order.


Google Books

The Google Books app is developed just for books as the name suggests and in addition offers integration with all other services from Google. The app stands out from the others from the fact that users can get access to very many downloadable eBooks more than any other eBook reader. The books are majorly free material which perhaps cannot be found just anywhere else. This app can be downloaded from Google Play at no cost at all.


Kindle for android app

The Kindle for android app is one of the most popular eBook reader apps available for android devices. This is owing to the fact the Amazon has had its success with the Kindle Fire and the ease with which a big collection of free eBooks can be accessed and read. It is often referred to as one of the best eBook reader apps for android devices because it caters for the different categories of people and their reading habits. It does not matter the reading material you access such the books, the magazines and the newspapers. The app has other features which account for a smooth reading experience. These are the Wikipedia access, the Google search and the built in dictionary alongside the ability to sync an eBook you are reading across various devices to pick up where you left.

Barnes & Noble Android App

The Barnes & Noble Android App is another of the best eBook reader apps for android devices and allows that you can shop from over 2 million books made available at Barnes & Noble. The app will notify you of the best sellers, the new releases, access to free Nook eBooks and the monthly subscriptions to select magazines. Other notable features of the app are guaranteed access of your library from about any place and the preview of the first chapter of any eBook you are about to purchase. The app is available on Google Play for download and installation into your android device.


Kobo eBooks

The Kobo eBook app has excellent features which make reading a fun, stimulating, entertaining and learning experience. The app has immense and interesting titles from an extensive database of free eBooks. The most notable features with the Kobo eBook app is the Reading Life that scrutinizes and tracks your own reading statistics to offer the ultimate reading experience. This is perhaps what makes it rank high among the best eBook reader apps for android devices. Lastly, integration to Facebook allows that an individual is able to share notes, dialogues and quotes with friends.


Aldiko Book Reader

The Aldiko Book Reader offers something different and unique from the other popular eBook readers and makes a good alternative. It allows that you can download any kind of eBook to your android device without the use of a computer to transfer the files. The eBooks can be bought from a range of different retailers and can be accessed in formats such as ePUB and Adobe PDF.

Other eBook readers which deserve mention in this list of the best eBook reader apps for android devices are the Wattpad and the Sony Reader apps. These have intuitive design and make the reading experience all worthwhile. Enrich your reading culture with any of these eBook readers which can be found on Google Play for direct downloads and subsequent installation in an android phone or an android tablet. Feel free to point out the best eBook reader apps for android devices that is your personal favorite.


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  • whiskeyjakc profile image

    whiskeyjakc 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

    A very well written hub. I've tried most of the applications mentioned and aldiko is my personal favourite.