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Best Father's Day Gift for the Father Who Travels Internationally

Updated on June 22, 2014

The Gift of a Global Translator to Make a Father's Travel Easy!

If you father travels internationally on a regular basis then a global translator is the perfect father's day gift. As the daughter of a father who travels globally I know how important it is to have help with the language barrier which is why I strongly endorse buying a Franklin 14 Language Speaking Global Translator. With over fourteen languages to choose from, 2.5 million word entries, a visual dictionary, and so much more they are a top pick. Here you can find screen shots of there features, explanations of what makes this translator perfect for global traveler, and where you can purchase it in time for Father's Day.

Franklin 14 Language Speaking Global Translator - With LCD Screen and Visual Dictionary

Franklin 14 Language Speaking Global Translator with Visual Dictionary and Color Screen (EST-7014)
Franklin 14 Language Speaking Global Translator with Visual Dictionary and Color Screen (EST-7014)

This is definitely my top pick in global translators. Check out the screen shots below for explanations on its high-tech features and extras which could save your entire trip.


14 Languages to Choose From

Now. Let's Begin!

Franklin's Global Translator holds 2.5 million (yes. million!) different entries which go both to and from a total of fourteen different languages. To enhance your global translation experience they display native characters for the Asian, Russian, and Turkish languages. The company also provides a Romanized equivalent..

Languages to Choose From:

1.Arabic 2. Mandarin Chinese 3. Dutch 4. English 5. French 6. German 7. Italian 8. Japanese 9. Korean, 10.Polish 11. Portuguese 12. Russian 13. Spanish 14. Turkish.

Authentic Human Vocal Translations

No Computer Voices. No Foreign Accents

Nothing makes it more difficult to understand a language than having the words pronounced by a non-native speaker. This global translator makes sure you will have the correct learning experience by using local speakers with authentic pronunciations. You will not hear a digital life-less voice, these are real human voices and you can easily access the feature by simply pressing the "Speaker" key located on the keyboard. You can even use the translator at night or in low-light conditions thanks to its high-contrast color screen which makes for easy reading.

Global Translator Visual Dictionary - Amazing New Feature

I have never seen a feature like the EST-7014's Visual Dictionary. There are more than 18,000 entries in 5 different languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish) separated into 17 categories with hundreds of sub-categories. Sub-categories which make it super easy to search through and include Human Being ('There's something in my eye!'), Animal Kingdom ('Am I eating goat, pig, or do I not want to know?), Sports and games ('This soccer game is amazing!') and so much more. The questions in parentheses are my own but the visual dictionary can help you form your own!

Easy to Use Visual Features - Thank goodness!

The Franklin makers of the EST-7014 complete understand the need for easy access to what words you want when you want. Which is why they make the visual dictionary so easy to use. When you get to the visual entry in mind, all you need to do is press the number or letter button on your keyboard which matches the picture area. Then just press the speaker key on your keyboard for the desired language you need.

Everday & Travel Phrases to Make it Easy

A life saver when you need the bathroom!

One helpful bonus feature of the Franklin Global Translator is it's "Everyday Phrases" and "Travel Phrases"section. Here you will find over 2,000 helpful phrases to enhance your travel experience. Accessing the phrase you need, when you need it is made easy by their organized system. They have broken down "everyday phrases" into 14 categories and "travel phrases" into 13 categories.

Pronunciation by a Local Speaker

Stop a mispronunciation mishap before it happens!

This global translator also makes sure using a phrase like "What is there to see here?" is going to be understandable to a local. I have traveled a lot and found it makes a HUGE difference in the pronunciation. You can easily end up getting something totally different than what you asked for.

So to save you the time and embarrassment of mispronunciation the EST-7014 has each phrase recorded by a local speaker. You get a clear non-robot voice which will help immensely in correctly pronouncing a phrase. This makes it easy to communicate while traveling abroad or to perfect pronunciation while learning a new language.

Travel Guide Included

It's like a pocket event planner!

Along with the translator and visual dictionary the EST-7014 comes equipped with a Travel for 10 different global cities: Barcelona, Bejing, Berlin, Chicago, London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and Tokyo.

Travel Guide to Rome Included

Here I am at the Colosseum in Rome with my brother. Our hotel was down the street from it but many of our destinations were not so close. Having travel help was definite must and made getting to places super easy!

Choose Your City

Easily Find What You Need

To ensure you kept the most out of your trip the city guide does not only include area attractions. You can also find hotels and restaurants so you will not have to go around aimlessly searching for a delicious sushi restaurant. The travel guide gives you options so you can get what you want and where you want.

Did I mention it also gives you a star rating for quality and money estimation amount? I love that because it makes life so much easier knowing what you should expect from a place before you put down your money.

Important Destination Details

So you don't look completely stupid

Once you choose where you want to go the EST-7014 provides important details like contact information, the address (obviously highly important), what category it is and so much more. This is wonderful so you can call ahead if need be or find out if a place is open before you end up in front of its closed doors.

Franklin Language Speaking Global Translator - A Review of All the Info

Franklin 14 Language Speaking Global Translator with Visual Dictionary and Color Screen (EST-7014)
Franklin 14 Language Speaking Global Translator with Visual Dictionary and Color Screen (EST-7014)

This is my top pick for a global translator. Over 2.5 million words can be translated to and from Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, AND Turkish. I love the large color screen because it makes it super easy to use the five language visual dictionary. You can find over 18,000 entries for English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German. One other important factor is also the over 2,000 every day phrases and helpful travel ones. These can be a life saver, especially when you really need to find a powder room. Also, You get a travel guide for ten different cities to help you find hotels, places to eat, and the best attractions. If you want to find out even more about this amazing translator click on it for more info on Amazon.


Passport Protectors for Father's Who Travel - Help Him Keep it Safe

One of my worst travel memories was waiting for two and a half hours in blistering heat inside our plane while it sat on the runway. The plane was sitting there because a lady lost her passport and we could not leave until she found it. I think the whole plane was cranky with her and I am sure there were death glares once she finally found it. Help your father keep his passport safe and avoid mishaps like the one I went through. Here are some great eBay options:

Picture Thank You!

All Pictures (except my own) are from and can be seen here:

Questions? Comments? Flames? - All are Welcome to Share their Opinion

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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Love those passport holders.

    • audrey07 profile image


      5 years ago

      An electronic translator is always handy for travelers.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      The global translator looks really cool. Thanks for the interesting lens!


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