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Best Gaming Graphics Cards for the Money 2015

Updated on January 19, 2015

As a PC gamer myself I know how expensive it can be to upgrade your rig each and every single year. You want the best value for your money and don't want to overpay for a card that won't last you a few years.

In this post I'll take a look at some newly released graphics cards in 2013 and 2014 and give you an idea of why I think these are the best overall value.

GeForce Relative GPU Performance
GeForce Relative GPU Performance

GPU Performance Benchmarks

When looking for a GPU we all want the best value or bang for our buck. The problem is that it's hard to know exactly what is the best value GPU with all of the varying benchmarks out there.

What I'd Recommend:

If you know ahead of time that you're planning on using a GeForce card from nVidia, then I highly recommend their relative GPU performance page which uses a 3D Mark Performance Preset in order to rank its GPU.

Price Vs. Performance

For overall performance you may want to have a look at this G3D Mark performance sheet which allows you to sort GPU in order of price vs. performance.

In-Game and Other Performance Marks for AMD Vs. NVIDIA

Finally, if you want benchmarks that will show you in-game performance comparisons I'd recommend taking a look at benchmark comparisons from sites like Anandtech and Tom's Hardware for current and accurate data from the games you play.

GTX 770 and My Thoughts:

The GTX 770 is that perfect mid-range card. It combines good performance at a decent price. The price drop to the $350 range makes it the best to get under $400.

GTX 780: The GTX 780 is certainly a good deal at around $500. You'll have to decide between it and the R9 290 below.

R9 290: The R9 290 has an advantage when compared to the 780 in certain games. This is especially the case in a game like Battlefield 4 which utilizes AMD's Mantle technology.

780 Ti: King of the hill. If you're looking for the best single card for gaming, then this is it.

GTX 760: The 760, performance-wise, is a lot like the 660 TI from the last generation. It'll play most games on settings maxed out and graphically intense games like Battlefield 4 on high settings.

GTX 660: Although it's from the previous generation there's a lot of value to be found with the GTX 660 in the $200 price range.

R9 270X: Like I mentioned above games using the Mantle API going forward will tend to favor AMD cards like the R9 270X.

GTX 750 TI: This brand new card is a great overclocker and really packs a punch for the money.

Sapphire Radeon R7 260X 2GB GDDR5 HDMI/DVI-I/DP OC Version PCI-Express Graphics Card 11222-06-20G
Sapphire Radeon R7 260X 2GB GDDR5 HDMI/DVI-I/DP OC Version PCI-Express Graphics Card 11222-06-20G

The R7 260X probably gives you the most in the under $150 category in terms of value and performance.


AMD Radeon vs. nVidia GeForce

nVIDIA GeForce vs. AMD Radeon
nVIDIA GeForce vs. AMD Radeon

Which do you prefer?

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Want more? Be sure to let me know what you think of my picks below or at my facebook page at

Graphics Card Commentary and discussion.

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