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Best gifts for Men Under 30 Dollars

Updated on September 4, 2014

Birthday, Christmas and Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Men

Thirty dollars is not a huge budget but there's no need to disappoint. There are many interesting, fun and useful gifts for men that you can get for less than $30.

This selection includes headphones, a trapper pilot aviator hat, a remote control helicopter, a leather belt and some mens fragrance. All good quality presents and all for less than 30 dollars.

I had great fun researching this article and it's definitely the inside track on the best gifts for men because I'm a man! I plan to revisit this article to keep it up to date and to make sure that my friends and relatives never have an excuse not to buy me a gift.

Excellent Value Headphones - Sennheiser for less than 30 Dollars!

This trapper pilot aviator hat is fun and, at the same time, extremely practical. You lose a lot of heat through your head and this hat is sure to keep your man warm.

There's a "front closure buckle" but it would only be necessary to use this in near Arctic conditions. The fur is obviously "faux fur" but 55% of the outer shell is made from wool. The hat is "one size fits all" and judging by the reviews, I think you would have to have an extremely large head for it not to fit.

This one of the most popular "Trapper Pilot Aviator Hats" and it has excellent reviews. Check Amazon to read 30 reviews. The average rating from these 30 reviews is 4.7 stars (maximum rating possible is 5 stars).

The Ultimate Boys Toy - For Ages 14 to 114!

This little helicopter (only 7.5 inches long) is remarkably maneuverable and sturdy. It's only designed for indoor use (it's too light to be controllable outdoors) but it's made from metal and will survive the odd crash. You can buy spares packs from Amazon but, with a little care while you're getting your pilot's license, you're unlikely to need them.

With a little practice you can learn to land these superb toys on a penny. They're rechargeable via USB ports and always ready for action. All men (and women!) will enjoy learning to fly them and showing off their skills to sons daughters, nephews and nieces. They also come in red and yellow and can be flown on two separate channels, so you can even have helicopter challenges and battles.

Dockers Reversible Leather Belt - Durable and good looking

This belt is made from good quality leather and I think the brown side has a very pleasing finish. Suitable for casual or smart wear.

Dockers Men's ,Brown/Black,34
Dockers Men's ,Brown/Black,34

Check out over 52 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.


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    • marynjohnson profile image

      marynjohnson 5 years ago

      Headset is a great suggestion as a $30 gift for men.