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Best Griffin i Phone Case

Updated on March 9, 2013

Choosing the Right i Phone Cover

When I first got my I phone I was aware that it is an expensive piece of equipment and I did not especially want to take out separate (read extra expensive) insurance for it. So I decided to do my homework and read up on which was the best I phone case to protect my new phone. After lots of reading around I was thoroughly confused and in the end I just went for the one that looked the most heavy duty and protective.

I am a Fitness Instructor and my phone gets dropped and roughed about a bit so I wanted to make sure its cover offered the maximum protection.

I chose the Griffin Survivor Case. And I am glad I did.

In this lens I will review the case and some of the other Griffin cases.


Why I Think The Griffin Survivor Is The Best i Phone Case

I absolutely LOVE the Griffin Survivor I phone case because I know that my phone is just as safe as it can be. This case protects every single part of the phone, including having a thin plastic film over the screen. It is rain and waterproof (very handy for when you accidentally drop it down the loo, in your drink or in the washing up bowl!) and sandproof (excellent for when it gets dropped in the sandpit or on the beach).

The other thing I really like about this I phone case is that its made of squidgy rubber (excuse the technical terminology) so that when you drop it on a hard surface like concrete, it just bounces! :-) How amazing is that!

Can you tell by the persistent 'dropping' theme that I have a tendency to drop my phone rather a lot, hence the need for a cover that allowed for this. So if you are also someone who drops your phone a lot, this I phone case is a good option for you.

I happen to think this is the best iphone cover for Mums with young children, being splash and drop-proof!

The Griffin iphone case is slightly more expensive than other options, and in my humble opinion it is worth the extra money. I decided to spend a little extra, for me it was worth it if it meant having the phone in good condition for longer! After all a new i phone is a few hundred dollars (or pounds).

Griffin Survivor i Phone Case

Is the best i phone case for mums with rambunctious kids!

The Pros Of The Griffin Survivor I Phone Case

>Offers the best possible protection for your iphone - Apparently this is the i phone cover used by the military, If it's god enough for them...

> Is very easy to put on and take off the phone - you do need to read the instructions the first time though. However once you have done it once its easy as pie.

> Available in a range of bright and cheery colors - I like bright and cheery, didn't want black so this was important to me!

> Rainproof - I often have my phone out in the rain so this is a useful feature.

> Keeps your i phone like new! - I rarely take the cover off, if ever. But the couple of times I have my i phone has been nestled in there looking all shiny and new just like the day I got it out the box! I wish I could say the same for my friends' phones! (secretly feeling smug!).

The Cons Of The Griffin I Phone Case

> It is quite a bulky i phone cover - When I first got it I thought it was going to be cumbersome and not easy to use, however this is not the case. You quickly get used to it being there and I've been happily using mine for a year now! I also worried that the film over the screen would make the screen less sensitive and perhaps I would find it harder to use. Again this is not the case. It is fine.

>It is slightly more expensive than some of the other Griffin cases and some of the other makes of i phone case.

> Makes the phone slightly bigger and heavier - Really this is hardly worth mentioning, but I needed at least 3 cons to balance things out! Perhaps if you are a lady with a tiny handbag this might affect you, however I don't really notice it at all.

Other i Phone Covers

Friends of mine have various other I phone covers - the amount of cracked and broken I phone screens I have seen is ridiculous! That is not even taking into account broken phones which have been dropped or damaged when they were in supposedly tough I phone covers.

Other Griffin I Phone Cases

These i phone covers are better if you prefer something more lightweight and slimline. If you are more after elegance, and are not as worried about the protection these will be your best bet. I still think the Griffin ones are superior to other makes.

Griffin Technology Elan Form Graphite for iPhone 4 and 4S
Griffin Technology Elan Form Graphite for iPhone 4 and 4S

My boyfriend has this one. Although it is not as protective as the Survivor case, it still offers a reasonable level of protection. He is a Chef and has the phone in the kitchen. It is still intact! The case has lasted 2 years and is now starting to come apart. He is going to get a Survivor i phone case next.


Cool and Colorful iphone Cases!

If you fancy something a bit more fun check these out!

Griffin Gb03464 iPod Touch 4G Snappy Stripes Case - Pink
Griffin Gb03464 iPod Touch 4G Snappy Stripes Case - Pink

The stripes snap on and off so you can create your own designer iphone case!

Griffin Gb02927 iPod Touch 4G Colortouch Case - Purple/Blue
Griffin Gb02927 iPod Touch 4G Colortouch Case - Purple/Blue

The case actually changes color as you touch it!


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Which i phone cover do you like?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Griffin cases ARE really tough! I bought one for my dad before. Though I just heard about the survivor, it seems like the best case griffin has on the market today! great review!

    • profile image

      Thamisgith 4 years ago

      These certainly look robust. Just what's needed!

    • InvestLetters profile image

      InvestLetters 4 years ago

      Graphite for me

    • NedD profile image

      NedD 4 years ago

      I'm currently using LifeProof but these look just as good.