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Best Headphones 2014

Updated on June 27, 2014

Are you looking to buy a Headphones in 2013?

The audio world is replete with amazing headphones from seasoned manufacturing firms so much so that someone who is shopping for a gift item or looking to add to his electronic collection could easily be overwhelmed. Regardless of what you you plan on using your headphone for, choosing the right headphone is very important.

This lens provides a review of the best headphones across each category. I must say that because the quality of sound can be very subjective sometimes, the list I have put up here may vary slightly from other ones you may have read elsewhere.

Choosing a headphone

Here are a set of things to consider when picking a headphone:

  1. Location: Determine where you will be using your headphone the most. Some headphones are more comfortable than others, while others maybe more portable than the former. Knowing what you want to use your headphone for the most is crucial. A comfortable, but bulky headphone my not be the best option while biking or jogging.
  2. Budget: How much you are willing to roll out in order to acquire a headphone is important. Some headphones sound superb on any media, while others require an amp to perform to their full specs on some media.
  3. Kind of Music: The kind of music you enjoy playing the most should come into play when choosing a headphone. There are classical music type built headphones and headphones that make bass seem like a massage on your back.

Types of headphones

These are the types of headphones. there is a brief description of each of them in the latter part of this lens.

  1. ear buds
  2. Full-Sized, Circumaural
  3. Full-Sized, Supra-aural
  4. In-ear monitors

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 - Best DJ Headphone

Designed to withstand a 7 feet drop onto a concrete ground, the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is arguably the best DJ headphone in the market. The replaceable cushions exert a mild pressure on the user's ear, making it less burdensome to wear for long hours. The shareplay feature allows a friend connect to a secondary input located on the cable and listen to the same stuff as the user simultaneously.

One thing peculiar to dj's is the long hours they spend mixing beats sometimes in company of their colleagues. This product is a perfect choice for dj's.

Bose Quiet Comfort 15 - Best noise-canceling headphone

Although the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 sells for a high price of about $300, it still offers you the best service you can get from a noise cancelling headphone and more in terms of price when compared to other Bose products. This excellently designed device folds, hence is easy to store.

Unlike most consumer electronics, QC 15 doesn't require you to purchase additional accessories in order to use the headset. It comes with its own protective case.

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